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I need some help coming up with a business name.I will have a center that will be mainly for events such as wedding, sweet 16, graduation and such events. however to supplement additional income I plan to have yoga or Pilates class. I need a a functional name to accommodate both ideas. I was thinking peach place, but unsure. This will be like a hall on the weekend. please provide some ideas. Thanks


Jay’s Answer: It’s important that your business name reflect your goals – and connect with your target audience. The fact that you have yoga/Pilates in the space is irrelevant – unless you want the center to be focused on this specific offering.

You’re best to be thinking like someone who might be interested in renting venues in your area. Why would they be interested in your space? What will you offer that others can’t/won’t? Why should they use your venue instead of a local church, community center, park, or hotel? What types of clients would best appreciate your venue? Why? How do you know?

Once you understand what makes you special, only then start to dream up names. The name needs to set the tone. An informal name connotes an informal venue, etc. Just because you like the name isn’t good enough. It needs to resonate with your clients.

And don’t try to create a name that works for both a venue rental and for yoga/Pilates. Instead, consider that yoga/Pilates is renting the space. Create a name for that business separately – otherwise you’ll convince both venue renters and yoga students that you’re not professional/serious. Keep the names separate. If you do choose “Peach Place” as a name, then your health business could be “Peach Place Pilates” or “Peach Place Fitness”. That’ll build on your name, without confusing your audience.

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