Tagline For Clothing Exchange Store On Campus

Hi I’m currently a student attending Alfred University, I have a unique opportunity to open up my own small business next semester and I will be creating and operating a clothing exchange on campus. I have been playing around with the name of my business, but am leaning towards the “Saxon Swap.” I am currently looking to create a tag line for this business, so students can become aware of what a clothing exchange is and how it works. I need something short and sweet. Target market is mainly females college students (18-24) who have minimal money for shopping. Would also like to highlight the fact that we accept clothing as well as sell it, And that it is located right on campus. Am also open to changing the name for the business in general, pretty much open to all ideas! thanks


Jay’s Answer:
Name idea: Cex (Clothing EXchange) – which is ripe for lots of double entendres.
Tagline idea: “Get Dressed For Less” or “New Life For Old Duds”.

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