Name my Indian Retail Shop

Hey Jay i  have gone through your blog and its mindblowing work. I wonder sometimes that why dont i get the ideas which you get in your mind. Anyways getting back to the point, I need some assistance from you.

I reside in India and the city in which i reside is under developing city. Few months later i got an idea and decided to open a Retail Shop in here. Now i have all planned and settled with odds in my favour. i am Investing $320k . That includes all the Furniture , Rent of the land and Goods & Products which is to be sold here. Now comes a big question and that is the Shop name and a unique tagline . I went through all the things but did not find any suggestion on both as good as i expected. Now i am really looking forward towards you to help me in both Name and a Unique Tagline.

Basic Info:

  • Men’s Retail Garments Shop.
  • Importing the garments from other country.
  • I am Spending a lot on Design n furniture.
  • it would be a exclusive shop because of the Rich Ambient.

The cloths sold inside would be of the latest fashion and etc.

Hope i have given all the basic info to you, by which you could calculate and suggest a Real Good Shop Name and a Unique Tagline.

And finally Thanks a lot in advance for your time and patience for suggesting and helping me solve this riddle.


Jay’s Answer: Given the amount of time and energy you’ve already put into your naming “puzzle”, it’s unlikely a few of my off-the-top ideas will serve you well. As you’ve discovered, naming takes a lot of research: knowing a lot about your audience, your competition, and yourself. With this caveat, here are some suggestions to play with:

  • Exclusively Worldwide
  • Seulement
  • Red Top Hat

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