1 Sentence Is All You Have

Marketing Short & Sweet(Photo by benefit of hindsight)

When people ask “what do you offer”, they’re not expecting to hear a long laundry list of services, a vague promise, or a long story. They want to know if what you’re selling is something that they may be interested in (eventually) buying. If they want more information, they’ll ask – if you’ve piqued their interest. So, how can you do that?

Ideally,  phrase your one-sentence as:

  • an emotional benefit (we help you not worry about identify theft)
  • a power statement (we save businesses 27% on their recurring billing costs)
  • a simple promise (we wax cars in an hour for $30)

Getting your message to a concise statement might feel impossible – since you might offer so much and it’s hard to narrow it down – or you’re not really sure why people might be interested in what you’ve developed. If you need help, try this tip I previously published. Your 1-sentence may also be later repurposed as a tagline, if/when you need one for your marketing.

Don’t forget that your offer needs to match your target audience’s needs. So, you may want to create a number of highly targeted one-sentence phrases based on who you’re taking to.

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