A Lot Of Magic Bullets

Magic Bullets To Improve Your Marketing(Photo by David Blackwell)

We’re all trying to find ways to improve our business. Each week, we read about the newest trick or tactic that is a must. We fantasize for a “magic bullet” that will transform our business. But what if there wasn’t a single big magic bullet, but a lot of small magic bullets?

Our business culture constantly spreads the dream of “the insider secret” – something that someone did, that produced a huge result. If you’re just starting out in business, then indeed there are lots of “secrets” – but professionals simply call them “best practices”. These aren’t sexy (deep knowledge of your target audience, clear expression of the benefit of your offering, high-quality backlinks, emotional undertones, etc.). Following through on these best practices will at least put your company in “better company”.

After your initial leap into best practices, the majority of your improvement can be found in a series of smaller tactics, that if done together will result in a big result. For example: website analytic analysis, A/B testing, customer surveys, informational interviews, case studies, SWOT analysis, and value-based pricing. The problem with these smaller improvements is that it’s a lot of work to do more, especially since each tactic may require specialized skills.

Stop spending your days hoping to find a magic bullet. Instead, forge your own success through a continual attitude of gradual improvement. After a while, people will be asking you for your business secrets.

Faster Higher Stronger MarketingThis article was inspired by Mark McClusky’s book Faster, Higher, Stronger, which showcases how athletic achievement is being transformed through a combination of improved science and technology.

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