The Power of “About Us”

About Us and Your Website(Photo by Dita Margarita)

No doubt you’ve spent a lot of time optimizing your home page: it’s attractive, it has a clearly stated benefit and a strong value, and is search engine optimized. Your “About Us” web page, however,  is likely to be an afterthought. It’s a commonly missed huge opportunity.

When someone is thinking of purchasing from you, before clicking the “buy” button or calling for a consultation, they’ll want to feel confident in you and your company. So, they’ll look at “About Us” to build trust. Think of this page as an interview, where you answer their concerns so they think “Okay, I believe in you”.

Here are a few of the questions that your web site visitor is likely to want to have answered:

  • Are you an expert?
  • What are you an expert in?
  • What else about yourself is “interesting”?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

Don’t try to sell your product or services on your “About Us”. By focusing on why your customer can trust your skills and advice, you’ll move your sale from “possible” to “likely”.

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