Renaming a African Safari Company

Hi Jay my company is called Kalahari Tours and we are miles from the Kalahari and for obvious reasons I would to change it however the registrar is giving me a tough time as there are many similar names to Chobe tours and Safaris , Chobe Safari Specialists, The Chobe Safari Company, Go to Chobe , Destination Chobe and suggestions would be great.


Jay’s Answer: You’re right – your company’s name is not a good fit for what you offer – and is, in fact, misleading. And the registrar’s right to be concerned that there are lots of safari companies with “Chobe” in their name already. So what can you do?

It depends entirely on who your target audience is and how they find you. If people are looking specifically to visit the Chobe National Park, then having Chobe in your name is likely to be a benefit. If people are interested in visiting Botswana, and also Chobe, then having Chobe may not be as important (you could name yourself based on combining Botswana and the word “Tour” or “Safari”). If people are tourists, looking for an adventure – then pick a name that’s more descriptive of the experience. And if your focus is on discount/affordable, then convey that benefit in your name (be warned – a lower price isn’t a key benefit in the minds of your guests).

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