Marketing To Millennials

Marketing To Millennials(Photo by Merlijn Hoek)

What’s so different about marketing to Millennials? Born between 1981 and 1997, these 75 million young adults grew up as digital natives: online-purchasing, instant-messaging, cellphone-using, and social media-immersed. What marketing strategies work best to connect with them?

Visuals. Images matter even more to Millennials than previous generations, since social media posts of images are quicker to “see” (with lots of social media postings, great images stand out).

Stories. It’s not sufficient to describe how well a product looks or a service works. It’s vital to explain how the product or service enhances their life. Use stories to make an emotional connection.

Pre-digital Nostalgia. Modern digital life is fast-paced, and can be exhausting to keep up with. Therefore, Millennials yearn for a “simpler” life, full of quirky handmade goods to showcase uniqueness.

Off-the-beaten path. Because Millennials have a harder time finding meaningful employment, low-budget travel is another avenue to highlight their uniqueness and to expand their connection to the world.

DIY. The extreme way to reject major brands and highlight your uniqueness is to create something yourself. Instead of only showing turnkey solutions, allow your customers to customize your offering to better suit their needs.

By showcasing how you can help Millennials improve their lives, you’ll naturally be part of their lives.

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