Naming My Block Printed Crafts Store

I am going to start online store for my homemade crafts which includes block printed fabric, handmade vases, jewelry, bags and paper crafts. My main focus will be on Block printed fabrics. So I though of name “CHISPA” which means ‘Spark’ in spanish and in urdu/hindi it means ‘Pasting’. As block printing is about pasting wooden block designs on clothes creatively. I need suggestion mainly for tagline and for name as well as I am
still bit confused about it.


Jay’s Answer:  I’m not sure about your proposed business name. If your audience doesn’t understand what the word means, then it’s basically meaningless. And if they do, the name may not be on-target. While you may be (initially) selling block printed fabrics, prospective customers aren’t necessarily looking for block printed – they’re looking something beautiful and/or functional. You’ll want to pick a name (and/or tagline) based on the benefit you offer, not the product you offer.

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