Preparing For My Technical Interview?

I’m preparing for interviews this week for a media associate position. I need advice on what technical questions to expect. I’m interviewing for entry level positions. The main responsibilities are day-to-day management of clients’ campaigns and reporting performance of media. I have 1 year of experience with a small full-service agency. I started as a TV media assistant, where we analyzed media performance daily and adjusted our spots weekly. Then I became the assistant print media buyer. This involved more ad trafficking and media research, but only weekly performance reporting. Please let me know what sort of questions might come up in these interviews. Thank you!


Jay’s Answer: Don’t simply wait for their questions. Do your research and ask some of your own. What have they done recently? What are they proud of? What clients have they recently lost? Won? What awards have they won or competed for? What have been the results of their efforts in the past?

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