Boost Your Product Marketing

Improve Your Product Marketing(Photo by VFS Digital Design)

What’s the best way to improve your product marketing (Hint: it’s not about typography, images, size, or color choice)?

Your packaging is important, but it’s not primary. Underneath the packaging is the promise. You need to convince someone to actually want the type of thing you’re offering first, then convince them that your specific offering is their best option.

Imagine you’re a personal trainer trying to gain more women clientele to subscribe to your online video library.

Let’s say I’m a 30-50 year old woman, somewhere in the world. I’m looking to get a little more fit. What are my options? Classes. Personal trainers. Books. Videos. Different people like different ways of learning. But ultimately, changing one’s habit is hard. And staying motivated to do so doubly so. This is well studied.

In your packaging you need to unlock the answer to the question: Who regularly pays to watch online yoga videos? The second question is then: Why would someone choose your videos?

Getting to the root of this issue can be time-consuming and frustrating, and often you’re blind to the motivation of your target audience. That’s why you’re better off working with someone outside your business to help you better understand what others see.

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