Marketing Uniqueness En Masse

Selling Uniqueness To Everyone(Photo by Rod)

The old expression “if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail” may apply to your marketing. If you’re selling a product that’s mass-produced, how do you convey that your product will solve the unique needs of a wide variety of prospective customers? The short answer is “you don’t”.

Don’t try to be everything for everyone. (No one will buy it.)

Instead, focus on clusters of people who have similar needs.

For example, if you’re selling a new type of wrench, your potential market may include: homeowners, mechanics, contractors, handy persons, or shop owners. While each of these markets may truly appreciate what you’re offering, you likely don’t have the budget to reach out to everyone and articulate how it meets their needs.

Instead, focus on a specific market first. Learn what they value, how they evaluate a new offering, and why/when they would consider switching from their current solution. Then approach them with a better way to do what they do.

If this works, you’ll have the budget to approach another niche (and if you have something a LOT better, people in other niches will likely be approaching you as they’ve heard from others how wonderful it is for their business). If it doesn’t work, try another niche before considering to pivot into a different offering (licensing your product to another company, for example).

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