Stop Speaking Nounsense

Don’t Speak Nounsense in Marketing(Photo by Steve Rotman)

Seen any of these buzzwords anywhere (everywhere)?

Disruptive, groundbreaking, ninja, revolutionary, cross-channel, inbound, agile, growth hacking, stakeholder, mission critical, bandwidth, low-hanging fruit, unicorn, or pivot?

Buzzwords are handy to show you’re part of the “in-crowd”, but in trying to impress you’re likely to distance yourself from others. Buzzwords also come-and-go quickly, so it’s easy to look dated in the eyes of leaders. Nouns and adjectives are also used to describe things. But things aren’t what people are searching for.

Use verbs to connect with people’s emotions. Verbs tease, entice, motivate, satisfy, enlighten, and transform lives. People are searching for better life and business experiences that evoke life-long memories.

The next time you’re writing a newsletter or an advertisement, start with the emotion you’re trying to evoke in the reader/viewer, and build your message around that with juicy verbs.


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