Superhero Marketing

Superhero Marketing(Photo by Lane Pearman)

From comic books to television shows and movies, superheros are more popular than ever. Who wouldn’t want to have superpowers and the ability to save the day (or planet)? In your marketing, when you tell the story of how you helped your clients become successful, who do you make the superhero – you or your client?

If you take the mantle, then that means that you claim the the spotlight, the exclusive success, and therefore the exclusive blame should your client have have a bad experience with working with you.

Instead, let your client be the superhero. They paid for your services, they responded to the calls/emails, and helped others succeed. If you’re part of their secret sauce – shine in their reflected glory. It’ll show prospective clients that you really care about THEIR success, not just your own.

Up, up, and away!

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