Tagline for Women Support Group

I am looking for a tagline that will make client feel confident that their needs will get met. I also want to start a women’s group we are all business owners, and we want to help other women start their own business.


Jay’s Answer: A tagline’s job isn’t to “make client feel confident that their needs will get met” – it’s to either clarify a business’ name or to explain a key benefit you offer to your customer. Confidence is something that requires a lot more branding/marketing effort to show why they should trust you.

Since you’re a life coach, start by identifying who specifically is likely to hire YOU. There are lots of life coaches around the world, but what life experience do you have that specific people desperately need to find out? Can you guarantee your results in some way? Do you specialize in a certain life challenge (divorce, aging, marriage, launching a business, etc.)? Once you clearly know this information, then a tagline can help cement that information into the minds of potential clients.

Congrats on wanting to start a women’s business group for helping other women. A name+tagline would likely identify: your region, that it’s a woman-only group (or are men welcome?), it’s for business owners, and for entrepreneurs. How you distinguish your group from other business groups (networking groups, for example)?

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