Branding A Monthly Giving Program

We are a nonprofit org with a mission of assuring families have the means to meet their basic needs. We offer programs designed to help people get a new or better job (English as a Second Language, Employment Services, Financial Education); assist families facing financial crisis avoid homelessness (rent, utility, medical, dental and transportation assistance); assure children an improved school experience (school supplies and clothing); and provide value to our member congregations and the community through helping services and volunteerism.

We serve over 6,000 families each year with an annual operating budget of $4M. We have a small number of monthly donors and want to launch an official monthly giving program and need a good name! Our annual fund program is named Champions for Families, so we want to avoid any confusion with this existing program. Our org tagline is “Together we build a caring community.” Our supporters are very humble and faithful people. Any ideas on a name that evokes a warm fuzzy feeling?


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Everyday Help
  • The Power of 12

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