Name And Slogan Ideas For Dog Training

I already own a dog walking business called Paws to Train. However, I have decided to niche into only 1 area of training…Getting dogs to walk nicely on lead. This is the most requested training service I am called out for, it is also the one I enjoy the most. So I want to either; A: New name and slogan that shouts what I specialise in. B: keep Paws to Train name but have a catchy slogan. My only issue with keeping Paws to Train is I get many requests for behavioural work which I am not qualified to do, or plan to go into so I spend a lot of my time redirecting my work to a behaviourist.


Jay’s Answer: If you are well known, don’t abandon your name. Can you get a referral fee for any leads you generate? Can you work with others under one roof to offer different specialties? A simple idea is to make your tag line: Walk Your Dog With Ease

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