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How To Market Our Networking Group?

I belong to a networking group which has been around for 4 years. We only allow one person from each industry so there is no competition. We exchange referrals. We are a BNI group but I want to brand our group name in our area and build membership.

We have been building membership by members inviting guests and by my advertising in networking newsletters online.

We average about 50% conversions visitor to members which is great.

We just started a marketing committee within the group and I am looking for advice.

We want to be the brand of choice in our area so any recommendations, conventional, or out of the box would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: What makes any referral group worth one’s time is the quality/quantity of leads (and resulting business). Why not create case studies of members (both new and old)? A series of stories of why people joined, how they worked together, what the results were (and what they honestly wished was better). If you can say that on average, your investment of an hour a week and $X/quarter results in $Y, then that’s a strong reason to join.

You also want people to join who are strong referrers as well. These people may be selling a higher priced offering (houses) that need a quality support team. These people may be looking more for quality help for themselves. So, commission a study of customer satisfaction of people in the group as well.

Between income and quality, you’ll have a strong marketing message.

Animal Rights NGO in India Needs Name Ideas

Could you suggest some domain names and website names for a new about to launch Animal Rights NGO in India? I wanted to launch a free website and i want a name that is easy, catchy and genuine. The basic details are given below :

What type of animals are you targeting ?
All those animals which we see around …. for more deeper research and investigations we do plan to move all around but after some time…
Currently we would target some basic animals which are the target of a very cruel and illogical philosophy i.e. SLAUGHTERING in the name of certain religious ceremony here in India. the targeted animals are : BUFFALO, COW and GOATS. Besides these we also plan to work and cure stray and street dogs and cats .

What area of India ?
At present we will focus on our home town GUWAHATI. Its a small city from ASSAM which is a Beautiful state in the North Eastern part of our country India.

What’s the problem the animals are currently facing and what do you hope to do about it ?
The basic problem is the one I mentioned above which is unfortunately growing irrespective of many protests and requests. Its a shame in the name of our culture and people in power practice such ceremonies to gain power and reputation. its a difficult job to overpower these monsters but the initial steps were encouraging … the local mayor, the chief of state police and a few Ministers and bureaucrats have started supporting us… it might be just a new political tool for them to overpower their oppositions but it has definitely helped us a lot … financial and power packed infrastructural support from them in the future would be very helpful to expand our horizons.

Do you already have a name for the NGO ?
No, its just the beginning and thus we just want you to provide us a Title that besides being catchy, easy and genuine …. also sounds universal and doesn’t restrict it to a particular region. Needless to say that the web site and the NGO would have the same name.


Jay’s Answer: Here are some names for your consideration. Hopefully they’ll inspire your thinking:

Focusing on stopping an attitude:

  • Stop The Sacrifice
  • Stop The Slaughter

Focusing on modernizing a behavior:

  • 21st Century Animal Ceremonies
  • Updating Religious Sacrifices

Focusing on the purpose of your work:

  • Assam Animal Rescue

How Should I Plan My Chamber Open House?

I am planning for an open house with my Chamber of Commerce to promote my private mental health counseling business. Do you have any ideas or resources to order materials for such. Since my areas will be with children, parenting, and substance addictions, I’m thinking about having informational handouts, business cards, and promotional items such as pens, but don’t have it all together.


Jay’s Answer: While you’re at it, invite your local parents’ groups to your open house.

I’d have separate handouts for each of the areas you specialize in. Each of these handouts would talk about what problems that this group has that you can help with. Testimonials would be a plus.

Your goal at the open house is to network – to talk to people and find out how satisfied they are with their parenting and family, and offer your skills to help improve it. You want to build trust in your skills and personality. I’m sure you already know how to ask great questions and listen to their answers. You just need to do this in a business setting first.

Fundraising Ideas For A Community Foundation?

I am helping to compile a fundraising plan for a local community foundation.

Target Market include:

  • High net worth donors
  • Investment and Financial Community
  • Business as founding investors

Need fundraising ideas and well as other ideas for specific target markets.


Jay’s Answer: No matter who you’re targeting, the basics are still: identifying who they are and why they should care about your organization. Your target market is more than high net worth people – it’s people who have donated before. One approach is to look at other organization’s donor lists and begin to get to know your prospects.

High net worth people are regularly approached for donations, so your marketing materials has to clearly articulate where your past funds have gone to benefit the community, and what specifically you need from the community to achieve your next specific goals.

How Does A Chamber Of Commerce Market Itself?

A local Chamber of Commerce is always mentioned as a way for small business owners to network and receive other useful resources to assist them in their businesses. So, how does a chamber market itself?


Jay’s Answer: In my region, Chambers act as basically political organizations and not networking/support organizations. If you have a brick-and-mortar business and you’re having problems with “City Hall”, a Chamber can be your best friend. The “networking” that occurs is generally a sales-fest, where everyone is looking to sell their product/services and few are genuinely trying to help one another. A great Chamber, in my opinion, would ask each (prospective) member what business problems they are having, and act as the conduit to helping solve the problem (whether that be creating a support group, finding mentors, bringing in experts, making introductions, etc.) and ensuring on an on-going basis that all members are still getting their needs met.

How Can I Get My Company To Listen To My Marketing Ideas?

I am working in the soft drink business. I am always coming up with marketing ideas. My company has used some but most they feel are more for the national level. when contacting are parent company they say they have a inside marketing department and that’s the end. How can I move these ideas forward and be paid for them if they have merit. I do not have a degree in marketing but I am very creative in product promotion development and many other areas. Would like a chance to do some good with what I have.


Jay’s Answer: I’d suggest first getting known by your parent company’s marketing department, and offering your ideas to them. Instead of simply emailing an idea every so often, you need to build a relationship with them. Ideally, you find a mentor/champion in your company that could help you connect to the department. If not, then you need to talk with the head of the internal marketing department for an informational interview. You’re looking to learn more about what they do, how they do it, and the problems they’re facing. Your ideas would need to fit into their way of working so you can be seen as an asset.

If your ideas get received well, implemented, and results clearly demonstrated, then you have an opportunity to claim a better salary.

If you hit a dead end, then consider other avenues: becoming an (unpaid) intern for the marketing group, looking for another job (where your skills could be better used), or start a marketing promotions consultancy on-the-side.

How Can We Promote Our Hospital Community Event?

We are a not-for-profit hospital and are kicking off a Prescription Drug Disposal Program for the entire community. We will also have have other health and wellness related information, activities for families/children, but the main draw is the disposal program. We need to use the acronym’s of the group that developed the program, but would like to have something that would draw attention and of course something “catchy”.


Jay’s Answer: Create a mascot “Rx” (pronounced Rex) with some theme like: “Keep Rx Safe”, “Curb Rx”, or “Pill-ease Keep Rx On Leash”, etc.

You could create some games: a medicine bottle toss, find the expired meds (beat the clock), or even pill (non-med) arts & crafts.

What Is A Good Domain Name For A Global Warming NGO?

The requirement is for a new NGO launching in concern with GLOBAL WARMING so need a few names and theme/ tag to go along with it. We had hell of options but either these names already exist or the website is blocked. e.g. We thought of H.E.A.T as in Hotter Earth And Troposhere – this one’s already taken.


Jay’s Answer: Here are some available domain names:


As far as a tagline: you need to define who specifically you’re trying to target, and how your NGO will be different from all other organizations to date. These pieces define your unique offering and is the “meat” of your tagline.