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How to Start Our Event Company?

We are a group of young graduates and we want to start an Event Management company in Mauritius. We will organise receptions of weddings, anniversaries, cocktail parties and other events. We are targeting only high profile people: individuals and corporate. Can you give me some idea about how we can proceed?


Jay’s Answer: Start with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to see how your proposed company would fit into the existing social “scene” in Mauritius. How would your company be better/different from the existing competition? What groups of people aren’t served (well)?

Next, realize that individuals and corporate clients have very different needs, and therefore you’ll need different marketing to communicate to each group. Better to focus on either individuals or corporate clients (at first) to make it easier to get known for that niche.

Lastly, unless you will also be creating a venue for the parties, introduce yourselves to existing venues that are rented for parties/events by your target audience. Find out their needs, and find out how you can partner with them.

Fitness Training Name

I am in the process of starting my own private personal training business. I am currently located in Los Angeles, CA. I want to present a service that caters to all ages, levels and both genders. Basically, I am like a one stop shop fitness trainer that will be able to help my clients achieve their goals. I think someone should choose me because I have over 18 years of experience and knowledge regarding fitness training. Out of those 18 years, I have worked as a certified personal trainer for 6 years. I am former collegiate athlete in both football and track, but still knows how to cater to other sports and those with specific fitness goals. I am certified through one of the most recognized programs in the world, ISSA.

When someone trains with me they will get someone that will provide enthusiasm, commitment, sincerity about their well being and someone that is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I would love to have a company name that has my name in it because I feel that my name is kind of unique and not common. I will know what my name should be when I hear it and see it.


Jay’s Answer: By choosing a wide range of potential clients, you’ve effectively made it very hard to showcase yourself as the right person for their needs. A beginner will have very different needs from a triathlete. A young man may have different needs from a senior citizen woman, etc.

So, my first suggestion is don’t try to say you’re all things to all people. Pick a niche, and become the “go-to” person for that. Given your background, why not specialize in “weekend warriors” – or those in training for upcoming competition?

While I know you’re looking for a name, what you ultimately need is a marketing strategy for focusing your marketing efforts. Otherwise, you’ll have a name, and then – how will you get the “right” people to find you?

The right name should appeal to your clients, and if you’re unsure of who exactly they are, then you won’t know if you pick the right name other than for personal reasons (not business ones).

Name my Beauty Center

I’m new in business, i need name for my beauty center, for it has services of facial treatments, body
treatment,tattoo services, hand and foot care. i need a name that fits all of this services.. thank you for helping me…


Jay’s Answer: There’s too many different things on your menu to easily create a well-targeted name. For example, people who come in for a facial are unlikely the same people to come in for a tattoo. Is a “body treatment” a wrap, a massage, or a tanning session?

Here are a few names to get you thinking:

  • San Francisco’s Beauties (assuming you’re located in SF)
  • Beautiful You (or Beautiful U)
  • Body Beautiful


Name Our Marketing Fair

We are planning to conduct a marketing fair in our college. so suggest some catchy names for the event.


Jay’s Answer: A name for your event should revolve around a number of things:

  • The name of your college
  • Who you’re targeting
  • Why you’re targeting them
  • What makes your college the “go to” destination
  • Why they should attend your event

So, take the time to work out these points, and then brainstorm names around these goals.

Name My Clothing Boutique in Kansas

I’m a 31 year old female that lives in Petal, MS. I will soon be opening a clothing boutique and would like to put the name out there to see how you like it :) The target is 18-40ish females and I’m doing kind of country and vintage.. my favorite tree and scent is a sweet olive so I picked the name “The Sweet Olive”. I plan on having the biggest one we can plant planted right out front of the business. the sign will be “Olive” green with sweet olive flowers up the side and across the front.


Jay’s Answer: How about adding the word “Boutique” to your proposed name (“The Sweet Olive Boutique”)? That’ll give people a clue what you’re selling. Since “olive” sounds a lot like “I love”, it gives you some fun things to play with “Olive A Sale”, “Olive Summer”, etc.

How To Promote My New Business?

I am thinking of making a business and wish to know about how to promote the business effectively.


Jay’s Answer: This is a big question, but it all starts with understanding some key things:

  • WHO specifically are you trying to sell to? Where are they located?
  • WHY would they need what you’re selling? Why is what you’re planning to sell better than what they’re using now?
  • WHY should they trust you? You’re asking them to give you money – why should they feel comfortable doing so?
  • HOW do you know they’ll switch to your offering?

Once you truly can answer these questions, you need to then find the people you’re targeting, and engage them in a dialogue to show them your “stuff”, and then “wow” them.

Build Your Personal Branding

Merge Your Unique Skills

(Photo by Sam)

When you’re thinking of starting a new business, it all comes down to your personal branding. Why should someone choose to work with you?

You can create websites. So can they. You can bake delicious cakes. So can they. You teach yoga. So can they. So, why start a new business that others are already also doing? You’ll have no name recognition, no trust, a price that’s likely no better than theirs’. You need to brand yourself differently.

The trick is to realize that many people (including your competitors) can do one thing well, whether it be sales, marketing, product development, etc. The key to crafting your personal branding comes in is merging one of your secondary skills with your primary skill to offer something no one else is.

If you’re a website designer that’s deeply religious, then why not specialize working with other deeply religious groups (not just your own belief or sect)? Your passion for religion will be self-evident in crafting high-quality websites.

If you’re a cake baker who loves fixing up homes, then why not specialize in architectural cakes? Make cakes that look like business buildings, newly constructed homes, room layouts, etc. Realtors and architects could give memorable thank you cakes to their clients.

If you’re a yoga teacher that loves hip-hop music, then why not feature hip-hop music in your classes, creating special yoga sequences that match the music and your yoga goals? Instead of wearing the normal yoga clothes, imbue your class with hip-hop spirit. You might attract a totally different type of yoga student.

It might not be obvious or easy to figure out how to merge two diverse interests or even how to be successful doing it. By making your personal brand unique, you’ll stand out from the crowded competitive field and make it much easier to find your fans.

Poster Bikes?

We run a street marketing service in the Bay Area- distributing flyers, posters and postcards and we are considering adding bikes with poster trailers.The bikes pull a small trailer that has a two sided poster board standing vertical. It would be mobile and travel throughout the city. Does this seem like a service that would be of value?


Jay’s Answer: Why not simply test market the service? See if people notice, and the call-to-action on the signage works. If so, you’ve got something that’s easily explained to be effective.

Name My New Business – Too Many Choices

My background consists of sales, marketing, management, food industry, retail, Real Estate Licensee, wedding and event planning. I live in South Lake Tahoe and there are so many wedding chapels and businesses here, although I can’t decide if I want to go into property management or my desire is to coordinate weddings and plan events…. So names? Business direction? To be top of mind ahead of the already existing competition. I moved here in November.  My background has been working in Beef, Chicken food manufacturing as Executive Assistant, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Senior Services, Independent and Assisted Living, Jewelry sales, there is so much talent. My father was a minister and I like speaking to women’s groups…so maybe my web-site should be a professional motivational speaker?


Jay’s Answer: Names are irrelevant unless you’ve got a focus. So, let’s talk focus.

  • Do you want to work for yourself or others?
  • Do you want to work in B2B or B2C (i.e., do you want businesses or consumers as your audience)?
  • Do you want to work locally at South Lake Tahoe, or travel, or work virtually (with people from afar)?
  • What truly excites you? You’ve listed a number of skills, but I didn’t hear what YOU want to do.

And that’s just the start of a longer conversation that we could have about where you and and where you want to go.

My suggestion is that you should hire a professional coach to help you narrow down your wants/needs and help you achieve your goals.

Tagline for Business Consulting

I am working on my logo and website but I am really struggling with creating a tagline.  I have started a consulting and training business serving small to medium sized not for profit organizations.  I work them to create solutions to the challenges they maybe having with governance, policy development, and volunteer resources.  I also offer proposal writing, program evaluation, and facilitation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: I think the problem you’re having crafting a tagline is because it’s not clear WHY your target audience needs you. “Creating solutions to the challenges they maybe…” isn’t a strong offering. What could a non-profit do better as a result of hiring your services? Why couldn’t they do this in-house? Why should they trust your knowledge?

The more specific your offering, the easier it’ll be to sell yourself to them. You don’t want them to have to wade through a menu of services to figure out if you’re the right person for them. If you position yourself as the expert in a specialty, then it becomes much clearer if there’s a fit.

I strongly suggest spending the time developing your marketing strategy. If you need assistance, hire my services. Or, start doing it yourself. But, don’t develop your website/logo any more until it’s clear what you’re offering. Otherwise, you’re going to confuse a lot of people, and they won’t come back to your website after you “tighten things up”.