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How Can I Attract People To Art Classes?

I am working on a proposal for a not-for-profit community based arts education and exhibition center. I’m looking for some creative ways to reach the target audience, which is 50 years of age or greater, economically comfortable, sophisticated, with an interest in, but not necessarily experience in the creation of art and live in identified geographic areas. Has anyone worked with this segment of the population as it pertains to marketing art classes, and if so, what did you find worked best in reaching them? The center is looking to grow student enrollment by 15 percent per year.


If you’re looking for new students, figure out WHY your target would want to create art: improve their business? family? creative outlet? new career? therapy? community? Each of these goals have different messages and would appeal to a different subset of your target.

Here are some general ideas:

  • student art shows in public places (community center, city hall, etc.)
  • take class into public place (town square) and let people walking by participate
  • involve your non-profit with your local chamber of commerce
  • co-market with other art non-profits in your area (opera, chamber music, art shows, etc.)
  • showcase your student’s works in a raffle