Wellness Business Name And Tagline

Hi, I am looking into starting up my own business. I live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, providing acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice, cupping therapy etc. I am also a Remedial Massage Therapist.

With treatments, my aim is to balance the person, with my interest in treating the emotional causes, such as stress and anxiety, as well as nutritional deficiencies (working on the digestion). The idea is to use what I know to give the person the best quality of life that I can.

My main clientele are 40-60yoa, however I treat all ages from babies to the elderly.

I don’t want to limit my name to TCM/acupuncture or massage as I may go on to study osteopathy in the future, or if not, my long term goal is to have a multidisciplinary clinic.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Synergistic Healing (Clinic)
  • Synergistic Health (Clinic)
  • Holism (Clinic)

Need A Title For A Stalker Movie

Hello I am in the midst of writing a screenplay about a lady who is obsessed with a Radio personality. I have played with a few names for the title but I am really looking for something unique, nothing like” Obsessed, The Perfect girlfriend or anything like that. The stalkers name is Jade, which has already been used a million times. Can you please help me come up with a creative title and tagline for it.


Jay’s Answer:

  • (It’s) In The Air
  • Station Crazy
  • Hello, Goodbye DJ

How Do I Market My Computer Repair Service?

I’m going to be starting a computer repair service. However, I’m not sure how to write articles to generate leads for an audience. How can I find appropriate materials (what kind of news would legitimize my business, that my customers will be looking for) and still market to a local customer base.


Jay’s Answer: Don’t passively write articles and hope that will generate leads for you. You need to pick up the phone and/or walk up to local office front desks. By the time someone needs you, they need to contact someone they trust – not simply a name that’s anonymous. Join a local business networking group. Offer a free or discounted network security check-up. Offer to help repair a local non-profit’s or church’s computers for free or low-cost to generate some PR. Build up a 5-star Yelp following. Are you a certified repair person? If so, make sure you prospects know that you can be trusted. What can you offer your prospects that others can’t/won’t? Weekend repairs? After-hours repairs? Guaranteed repairs? Free equipment swaps to ensure no downtime?

Grand Opening – Ribbon Cutting Ideas

Legend Boats is a aluminum boat and pontoon manufacturer in Canada and we are opening our 3rd brand run store in Montreal and we are looking for a creative concept or alternative to a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony will be mid July and at 8-9am.

Our brand’s mission is to create memories and we focus on family content. We sell fishing boats and pontoons that can be used for fishing, waterskiing, or cruising.

We acquired the location this year, it previously was a boat dealership and has one of the largest showrooms in the regions.


Jay’s Answer: An inflatable pool, with a ribbon across the width, and a remote controlled boat cutting through the ribbon!

Need A New Name For My Kids Store

I currently sell crocheted kids items, mainly fun character hats. My store name is Stitchy Little Witch. While that is cute, sure, it doesn’t really portray the “kiddy” feel I want it to, even with “little” in the title. Plus the “witch” part confuses people into thinking it’s a Halloween shop. So after a lot of consideration, I have decided to change it.

I have been dubbed the nickname Stitchy because of my shop, so I would highly consider adding “Stitchy’s” at the beginning of my name. That way my old customers would still know it’s me too. I don’t want a name that literally says crochet, hooks, yarn, etc. In my new marketing plan, I am not going to be marketing “crochet”, rather I am going to be marketing “kids hats” and other accessories. Reason being… most people don’t search for crochet. They just want a cool hat, right? :)


Jay’s Answer: If your clientele know you as Stitchy, then it’s tempting to continue to use a version of that name. However, the problem with Stitchy is it may convey that you’re offering kids classes (like “Stitchy Kids” or “Stitchy 4 Kids”). A compromise may be to use a name like “Handmade By Stitchy” (and your frog could be named “Stitchy”). But these aren’t ideal solutions, because it doesn’t convey the cute/kiddy name that would appeal to adults.

Need A Catchy Benefit Name

I’m holding a benefit for my mother in the next few months but am having trouble coming up with a catchy name! Her name is Monica to most.. (known as “Snitz” or “Sis” to some family) She was diagnosed with lung cancer March and a year later brain cancer in April. The benefit is still in the planning stage but we are thinking of having a band, bowling, face painting, billiards, corn hole (bags), basket raffles, 50/50 raffles, etc. Also, any leftover funds raised after medical costs and care are paid are going to be donated to the American Cancer Society. Not sure if that helps with figuring out a name or not, but figured I’d throw it in there. Thanks in advance for any help!


Jay’s Answer: A couple of names to play with: “Lovin’ Monica” or “Helpin’ Monica”…

How to Start My Business?

I have planned for my startup and i need guidance whether to get register my company or first try to sell the product. keeping product price and marketing it.


Jay’s Answer: In your county, there may be a legal requirement to register your company first. Otherwise, it’s best to simply see if there’s public interest in your offering before investing in your business infrastructure.

Need A Creative Gift Basket/Kit Business Name

I need help with a business name/ plan. When my kids go to friend’s Bday parties, we don’t do traditional gifts. I always do up some sort of gift kit. We’ve done movie night, family game night, craft, art, friendship bracelet, makeup, spa, baking, science experiments, teacher play, cafe play, spy, gardening….

I’ve been planning for awhile to make it into a business. Create a personalized kit for people looking for Bday presents, Easter baskets, Christmas gifts and even beyond children with Father’s Day, New Home, New Baby, Teacher, etc.

My biggest problem before I can get rolling is that I NEED A BUSINESS NAME. I love wordplay, so that’s what I’m trying to go with. If it was a typical gift basket business I’d do something like BasketCase, but I associate gift baskets with mostly food items and also, I rarely use baskets. I use whatever goes with the theme, mixing bowl, craft box/tote, makeup bag, purse, popcorn bowl, etc. so I’d say they’re more gift kits or gift boxes. Ideas I’ve had: Outside the Box? Gift Outside the Box? Kit & Caboodle Gifts? Help please!


Jay’s Answer:

  • (The Personalized) Gift Baskit
  • Gifkit (pronounced “Gift It”)

Catchy, Casual And Maybe Even Sarcastic Tagline

We are a travel agency which is expanding its market with a new brand. Our agency is called From Ships To Shores Travel, Inc and our market is primarily family travel. We want our brand to project a fun, casual and spontaneous atmosphere which creates family memories (yes, think Jimmy Buffet). We are looking for a tagline for our website, business cards and other brand marketing. My first thought was something silly like “planning all trips except guilt trips” – of course not sure everyone would appreciate my sarcastic sense of humor.


Jay’s Answer:

  • From Ships To Shores Travel: Please Go Away
  • From Ships To Shores Travel: Create Good Family Memories

BTL Activities For Mobile App

I have launched a lock screen app that pays the users every time they unlock their phones or view the content. The rewards are in the form of mobile top ups, discount vouchers and cinema tickets. Can I get some innovative ideas about BTL (Below the line) activities of this app?


Jay’s Answer:

  • Can you co-market with another app maker?
  • Can you co-market with local cinema and/or mobile cell-phone providers?
  • Can you use location-based push advertising?