The Cost Of Not Being Mobile-Friendly

Responsive web design for better search results
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In 2014, for the first time, more people worldwide visited websites with mobile browsers than desktop browsers. So it makes sense to make your website mobile-friendly – a site that adapts to the size screen of your visitor (“responsive web design”), making it easier for people to navigate online – no matter what type of browser they’re using. So, is your website mobile-friendly?

The simple way to determine your mobile-friendliness is to take this online test. If it’s not mobile-friendly, you’ll find out what specifically made it fail the test.

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And even more importantly than making your site nicer for your website visitors, is that starting on April 21, 2015, Google’s search results reflect mobile-friendliness. Sites that aren’t “friendly” will likely experience a big drop in their search ranking.

Your friendliness will be rewarded.

Get Your Emails Noticed

Add emojis to your marketing emails
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Having trouble getting your marketing emails read by prospective customers (whose in-boxes are likely full)? People first read emails from people that they know.  Then, they read emails that has a subject line that’s of interest. So, if your prospects don’t know you (yet), then how can you craft a subject line to gain their attention?

Be Relevant. The best subject lines promise a benefit that the reader cares about. If you have a way to save money on their phone bill, say it. You might consider testing your subject line’s effectiveness using an automated tool.

Be Catchy. Have you ever received an email with a small image in its subject line along with the text, and wondered how did the sender do it? They undoubtedly used Unicode, an international character computer encoding system (which contains all the writing systems in the world and some pictographs as well). Here are three ways to use Unicode to make your text stand out:

  • Use Miscellaneous Characters: These are the common symbols that you might see in your “Dingbats” font on your computer. Here’s one table of these characters.
  • Use emojis: small, cute, colorful picture icons (📬) that were initially made popular in Japan, but have since spread around the world. Here’s a good list of emojis that you can copy/paste into your subject line.
  • Use upside-down text – Using a flip-text generator, you can type in text and have it flip the text upside down, suitable for pasting into your next email.

Be Concise. Since you don’t know how much of your subject line your reader will see, try to limit your subject to 40 characters – or at least put the most important message in the first 40 characters.

Be Careful. Some of these techniques won’t necessarily work in all email readers (especially with Unicode characters). If you don’t have the ability to test your emails across a wide variety of devices and applications, consider using an email testing service.

Tagline For a Business Conglomerate

We are in a process of starting a firm which mainly focuses on

  1. Interior designs of homes n offices
  2. Construction
  3. Development(buying a land and building villas/office spaces).
  4. Selling Furniture

We are located in Bangalore. We have more or less finalized a name for our firm and  need a beautiful tag line  which would tie creativity, quality and trust..We are a young couple starting a private limited company..

I have few ideas on tag lines..Please help me better them..1.Empowered by creative spirits 2.efficiency is our expertise 3.where innovation meets excellence 4.Engineering perfection

Please help me with few catchy tag lines..Thanks..

P.s::We are also considering using the same  firm’s first  name for future endeavors..viz my current firm name is ABC infrastructure and interiors p Ltd..

In future it could be ABC Apparels p ltd..

I would really appreciate your feedback..


Jay’s Answer: My first impression is that you’re trying to combine too many different types of businesses under a single name (ABC infrastructure and interiors p Ltd). It’s not that you can’t do this – it’s just that it’ll make your marketing efforts much harder. Specifically, people who are interested in hiring your interior design services are likely not to be interested in your land development. Likewise, people who want your construction skills aren’t likely to want to buy furniture from you. That means that whatever tagline you choose is likely to be too generic to provide any extra benefit to your marketing efforts. In general, you want a tagline to clarify what you do, for whom, and/or a unique benefit you offer. Because you’re trying to communicate a lot to very different people, your tagline won’t do much to strengthen your brand.

My suggestion would be to make each of your separate businesses part of a parent “umbrella” company (so your interior design services would be “A Division of ABC Infrastructures…”). Then each business would have its own name and tagline. That will provide much more benefit for your marketing.

Need Tagline For E-commerce Business

In big confusion to decide tag line..My domain name is save ‘n’ shop. I’m starting online grocery store which includes fruits, vegetables,branded foods,personal care, beverages and health care items. We have three medium to shop like consumer can shop directly from our website as well as from Android apps. And via toll free number also. We gonna deliver at best price and with the guarantee of best quality..So please suggest me regarding this. Thanking you.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Only The Best…For Less
  • The Quality Grocery Superstore

How Get More Bridal Store Customers?

Opening another location for my wedding flowers and decor business on top of a bridal store. What are some creative ways to get brides and promote the new location?


Jay’s Answer: Depending on the new location, you could do some guerrilla marketing activities such as:

  • A bridal parade (from one location to the other).
  • A free wedding (at your new location) for a lucky bride
  • Bridal-themed parties (you don’t have to be a bride to attend)

These activities are good for getting some attention, but ultimately you’ll want a longer-term marketing strategy to identify potential clients, build awareness, and articulate your store’s unique qualities.

Marketing Misdirection

Misdirection of Your Target Market
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One of a magician’s key skills is misdirection. They carefully develop the techniques to ensure that their audience focuses on what they want them to focus on and when they want them to focus. Here’s how you can add a little magic to your marketing!

1. Determine your unique strength. While this sounds easy, understanding what’s truly unique and important to your audience can be a challenge. If you’re not sure why people buy from you, ask them.

2. Understand your weaknesses. You want to ensure that you minimize the importance of things you’re not good at. No doubt some of your competition is strong in ways you are weak. Highlighting your weaknesses can only strengthen your competition.

3. Be appealing. Your target audience knows that you’re trying to get them to part with their money. People would rather buy from someone who’s trying to communicate to them clearly (and honestly).

4. Tell a story. Your marketing story explains how your strength matters to your audience. The right story doesn’t include any of your weaknesses, and shows how your offering is clearly the right choice.

Don’t use misdirection to make your audience feel foolish. Use it to make your audience feel more confident in their choice to buy from you.

Marketing Multiplied

Marketing One or Many
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Your customer acquisition cost (the amount of money it takes to recruit a new customer) is a key performance index (KPI) for your business. The less it costs to get a new customer, the more profit you ultimately make. Is there a simple way to boost your profit without increasing your acquisition cost?

Yes. Instead of thinking of selling one product or service to a customer, sell more than one. Subscription services depend on this model (automatic sales on a regular basis). Upselling  (selling a companion product or service) is another way to turn one sale into two (or more). When crafting your marketing offer, be sure to include a “multiple option” offer. Depending on your audience, you may opt to make the multiple offer the default choice.

Stop selling things one-at-a-time and think of ways to sell things by the truckload. The right offer, described the right way (for your convenience), can boost your sales.

New Educational Nonprofit Needs Tagline

I have founded a new nonprofit organization and am struggling to come up with an  appropriate tagline. The website can be found at The gist of it is we provide free education about early human life and development using a live fetal ultrasound demonstration for schools, community organizations, youth groups, and community health centers. We are not religious or political and do not teach sexual education.


Jay’s Answer:

  • See What You’ve Been Missing
  • Look At Life From Within
  • Shining A Light On Human Development

Name My Hospitality Services

I am coming up with serviced apartments for executives & business personnel in Nagpur, MH, India. I am searching for a name for my Hospitality services which ll be sober, attractive but not flashy, easy to pronounce and with an Indian touch.can u suggest any? also if u can suggest a suitable tagline…


Jay’s Answer: Given you want a name with an “Indian” touch, you’re likely best served by talking to a local Indian marketer who both understands your audience and is well-schooled in Indian culture.

And whoever you work with will need a lot more information/discussion with you to arrive at a name (and tagline) that addresses your needs well, including: who specifically is your audience, why they’d choose to rent from you, what makes you unique, and why they’d pay for your offering.