Need To Name Our New Training Program

We are combining 2 training programs – one is our TEAM Trainer Program (TEAM – Together Every Associate Matters), which is a one-on-one training conducted locally at each of our sites. The other is a new all star Training Program where more advanced training will take place. The all stars are promoted up from the TEAM Trainer role. We’d like to name the entire program (that includes both) but want something catchy, training related, and possibly Property Management related. Any ideas?


Jay’s Answer:

  • Propel (Property + Compelling)
  • All For One (where “one” is the property)

Beware of Tunnel Thinking

Tunnel Thinking Dangers in Marketing(Photo by jugbo)

If you’re a perfectionist, you’re likely overwhelmed daily with all the various things you are trying to keep up with: technology, emails, phone calls, marketing campaigns, outreach, your competition, and opportunities. With a 24/7 world economy, you are frequently finding yourself working harder just to keep up with your goals. Be very careful.

Going fast feels good. It’s adrenalizing. It shrinks your to-do list. Everyone around you is in awe of what you’re juggling. But your single-focus on getting things done likely means you’re not paying attention to peripheral issues (and opportunities).

Instead of always going fast to make things perfect, experiment with solutions that are good enough. Good enough doesn’t mean that you deliver sub-par solutions or shabby products. It means that your solution does the job better than others, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, you likely don’t know what perfect really means in the eyes of your target audience. Good enough will attract attention, and with a long-term relationship, you can fine-tune your offering.

Remember: The light at the end of the tunnel can be an oncoming train.

Layering Your Business Marketing

The Layers of Marketing(Photo by Sidney San Martín)

A mature business owner knows instinctively that marketing isn’t all about the business owner and it’s also not all about the prospective customer. It’s a delicate balance between the two. In fact there are four layers to your business marketing that you need to clearly understand, articulate, and authentically connect with:

  1. Mission.  This is your (branding) promise for your organization (or non-profit). It states who you serve, how, and why. It’s not laden with gobbledygook words or phrases that you think people should hear. It’s clear and logical.
  2. Passion. Why you (and your team) do what they do? If you don’t have passion, you don’t have fire, which your prospects can detect. Knowing why people are passionate inside your organization, you can better match skills/needs (what do your people want their organization to do for them?).
  3. Strategy/goals. What you want to achieve and how will you achieve it? If your goals don’t pass your “mission filter” you probably shouldn’t be doing it – it dilutes your mission/brand promise. Clearly measurable and transparent goals need to be regularly examined and updated.
  4. Actions. What will you do about the plans? Ideally, match actions with passions. This layer is about what people can do for the organization. Without action, you get no results.

Your customer wants to know the key benefit of your product or service to their needs. But emotionally, they want to connect to your mission, passion, and goals (so they feel that they can trust your work). Done well this strategy produces sweet rewards.

Name For Monthly Dine Out Night For Democrat Club

I am the events committee chair for my county’s Democratic org. I am looking for a cleaver name for a monthly dine out fundraising night. Several restaurants in our area offer fundraisers for groups by eating at their restaurants. We plan to do this once a month, rotating restaurants.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Red, White, and You
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Great Food
  • Vote With Your Stomach
  • Delicious Democrats

Internal Graphic Design Team Name

I’m looking for input for a client’s “team name” for their internal graphic design team. They have a very strong culture at the company. Keywords they want it to be focused around is the word “Key” or “secret” . For example, their account managers are called “key executives”, their sales agents are called “secret agents”. It all fits within the culture, but we’re struggling to find something relating to a good name for the graphic design team. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Key Graphics
  • Magical Images
  • Magical Design

How To Increase Kindergarten Enrollment

I am a Marketing Executive in children education. I work in the headquarters dealing with kindergartens branding & marketing. We have 32 kindergartens which are
company own,  in the coming year we are looking ahead to venture into franchising.

At the moment my team mate and i are working on the branding, all kindergartens are heading in for a major renovation to achieve a new look. We are also working on the strategies to enroll more students.

We are different from other kindergartens, we are known as the Multiple Intelligence-based Preschools. We teach children using Multiple Intelligence. The founder of Multiple Intelligence was Dr.Howard Gardner from Howard University.

Being different is good but at the moment we have many competitors which may market
their kindergartens as technology base kindergartens and so on.

Due to that I would  need some advice on how to attract parents to our kindergarten. What can we do or say in our marketing strategies that will boost enrollment. Our tagline is Learning, your child’s way. We believe every child is different and it is important for us to discover their approach  towards learning.


Jay’s Answer: As a first step, I’d suggest talking to your existing clients’ parents and finding out why they chose your organization. After all, they could have chosen one of your competitor’s kindergartens, but they didn’t. It may be because of your Multiple Intelligence curriculum, or it may be something else (price, location, safety, etc.). By asking a number of parents, at a number of different schools, you’ll get some initial insights. From these insights you’ll have some clues about your best path to improve your marketing and build your franchise.

Help With Tagline / Name For Slimming Business

Please could you assist with names for a slimming business. I wish to offer this as a supplementary income business – where agents can get involved in selling (target audience) anyone who is overweight and have doctors go ahead with using the products – this will be at own risk. It is slimming pills – the most popular at the moment (privately manufactured).  Made and sold to the Southern African Market. To work with me means and additional income. Would appreciate your marketing expertise. Thanks


Jay’s Answer: Consider “LittleMore” or “BeThin”.

Enthusiastic Marketing

How To Keep Your Marketing Enthusiasm(Photo by David Goehring)

If you have been in business for a while, you have no doubt fielded the same questions over-and-over-and-over. The person asking (a prospective client, perhaps) is sincere. But you have heard the same questions and your been giving the same answers year-after-year. And if you are not careful, your frustration at hearing the same question is likely to seep into your response, and you risk alienating your prospective client.

The secret is to improve your empathic listening skills.

Concierges in hotels face this exact challenge daily. Each guest is experiencing things for their first time, and they want to know the answer to their (familiar) question. The best concierges project an air of enthusiastic curiosity and willingness to help because they (try to) remember what it’s like not to be an expert, and to know that their answers have the potential to create powerful lasting memories for their guests.

The next time someone asks the question you have anticipated, stop, breathe, and see if you can make someone feel very special. That single act could create a lifetime of good will.

New Is Sexy

New Is Sexy In Marketing

Want to get people to pay attention to what you’re offering? Make what you’re selling new, and highlight your new offering as sexy.

We’re programmed to see new as exotic, special, limited, better, healthier, etc. New also commands a higher price and more attention – since getting the newest thing first is a status symbol (the lines to buy a new iPhone, for example).

However, when you introduce new that means by definition your old has just dropped in value or stature. So, be sure not to cannibalize your product line in search of new is better. You old still can command a high value – to the right audience.

New is ideal for the trend-setters or cutting-edge early adopters. They are on the leading quest to find new, to prove to that they are worth following. New is great in its own sake.

But those that are looking for trusted solutions still want the old. In fact, you may have increased the value in their eyes since you’ve invested in a new version of what people still want.

Everything Old Is New Again

When trumpets were mellow
And every gal only had one fellow
No need to remember when
‘Cause everything old is new again

Dancin’ at your, Long Island, jazz age parties
Waiter bring us some more Baccardis
We’ll order now, what they ordered then
‘Cause everything old is new again

Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails
Let’s go backwards when forward fails
And movie stars you thought were long dead
Now are framed beside your bed

Don’t throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again

Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails
Put it on backwards when forward fails
Better leave Greta Garbo alone
Be a movie star on your own

And don’t throw the past away
You might need it some other rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again

I might fall in love with you again

Songwriters: Peter W. Allen and Carole Bayer Sager

Two Companies. Two Names Or One?

I’m a general contractor with 66 rental units. We do about $1.2M a year gross, with basically no branding whatsoever. I’m looking to expand in both arenas with web and basic advertising. I don’t even have business cards.

1. Should I brand the property management and development separately from the general contracting?

2. Can I move forward with a more global name like “_____ Development”?


Jay’s Answer: If your two companies would share similar messages with similar audiences, then a single company makes sense. If not, then two companies would help to make your message much better targeted.