Please Suggest A Tagline For My Travel Company

Please suggest a tagline for my company named “Travel Fizz”. We provide travel services like air tickets and holiday packages, but we stress on Student Visa Consultancy for those looking for overseas education. That includes complete career counseling and Visa filing. We cannot use the word “Immigration” in tagline.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Visa Assistance Our Specialty
  • We Help You Learn Abroad

Find Your Marketing Blind Spots

Find Your Marketing Core Message
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We all suffer from some form of “bias blindness” – a psychological perception that we better understand a situation more than others do. We see how other people’s thinking is “off” and we “know better”. This is likely true in your own business marketing as well.

First, when looking at your recent marketing materials, what are your unspoken assumptions? Examples may include: the reader’s expertise, the reader’s beliefs, the reader’s interest, the reader’s intelligence, and the reader’s awareness. Is there a way to make your unspoken assumptions explicit without affecting the quality of your message?

Next, repeatedly ask the question “So What?” when reading through all of your key marketing messages. The goal is to understand what key concepts are underlying your points. Often, we assume (incorrectly) that the reader understands these same points and knows the implication of not following your wisdom. The result is that your marketing doesn’t resonate with your audience. Make sure to drill down to get to the root benefit, and make sure that’s what you convey.

Finally, make sure you make it obvious what you want your reader to do next (your “call to action”). All too often in marketing and in speeches, people leave the audience struggling to figure out what do to next. Do you want someone to download a whitepaper? Call for a free consultation? Join your mailing list?

Don’t assume people can read your mind.

Selling Under Your Umbrella

Selling Under Your Umbrella
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Over time, your company has likely introduced an ever-increasing variety of products or services. As you’ve expanded your offerings, you may have cluttered your message. Instead of selling something to a narrow group of people, you may now be trying to appeal to a wider audience. The end result is that your “umbrella of offerings” is now likely to be confusing.

When you started out marketing your brand, your goal was to clearly convey a message to a specific audience. You spoke their language. You understood the benefits to your offering, and could simply articulate it. But over time, if you weren’t careful, you’ve likely muddied your messaging.

Now, your core audience is likely not to be interested in everything you’re selling. So you’re now speaking more generically, trying to span different audiences with vaguer language to somehow make your eclectic collection seem more coherent. But since each audience likely has its own language, problems, and aspirations – trying to jam everything into one umbrella under your “quality moniker” is likely not to create sales.

So, what can you do? Go narrower to go bigger.

For example, your home page should be considered a “super landing page”. It shouldn’t try to tell your whole story & showcase everything. Instead, it should be a funnel to direct visitors to the part of the website that they would care about. Silo your visitors using different signups (and segment them in your customer database). Analyze your SEO (search engine optimization) to find out what your true organic traffic is looking for. Measure & repeat.

Turn your umbrella into a rainbow of opportunity for your business.

Name My Indian Wildlife Resort

I am going to open a 3 star resort in Lion wildlife safari in India. This property is situated on the banks of a river and it is its best USP.  As view from villas is fabulous and no other resorts in this area offering this kind of view and location. I am searching for a tagline for my resort which includes the importance of riverview and comfort. Please help me sir.


Jay’s Answer:  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Feel Like A King
  • In The Heart of Lion Country
  • Relax and Enjoy The View

Tagline for Mobile App Maker

I’m looking for a super tagline for my blog; theappmanpower. I want people to look to me as an expert in the field of Mobile Apps and Optimizing websites. I’m offering not only a super product but I back and service my client. I build for Local and OnLine businesses, around the world. In today’s market you have to have a Mobile App to stay ahead of your competitors. What makes me stand out is my passion to service my clients, not just to make a sale, it does not stop there. I also help with social media give advice on how to better brand them self. I have clients who can give you testimonies about me and product as well as my commitment.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Put Your Message Everywhere
  • The Mobile Website Specialist

Online Marketing & Opting Out

I heard that a new regulation might come up in Singapore about online marketing, companies will need to go from an opt in to an opt out default settings in their website. Have you heard about this new regulation? Do you think that would be a bad news for a lot of companies and their online marketing?


Jay’s Answer: It means that those that choose not to opt out are likely to be better prospective customers. It also means that you need to provide a great reason for people to not opt out.

How to Launch Coaching Center?

I want to start a coaching center for science students of 9th to 12th class. I have a limited money at this time (about 1.5 lacs). How and where from should I start?


Jay’s Answer: Since your success depends upon getting students to sign up, I would start small. Can you reliably sign up a class of students who would be interested? If you can, then you can gradually grow your business to become a center that offers multiple classes (and perhaps additional services). If you can’t, then you need to understand how to reach the first class of students (and their parents) by targeted marketing. And to do that – you’ll need to think like one of these parents – why should their child go to your center? How will they know their money is well spent? Why would your instruction be better than others offering similar services?

Tagline For Music VIP Perk Membership

We are looking for a tagline for a new music video VIP Perk Club. The club will allow people to do tasks on our music video website such as share videos, post comments, etc. The tasks earn them points which they can redeem for VIP Music Perks like band merchandise, tickets, backstage passes, etc.Ideas we have had: Do Stuff Get Stuff and Want It Get It.


Jay’s Answer:

  • The More You Share, The More You Get
  • Listen Up and Get Rewarded