Tagline brainstorming

We are a machine shop which specializes in providing custom machined parts for a variety of industrial markets.  Our niche is providing high value components, at competitive prices.  We pride ourselves upon excellent quality, fast turnaround, and especially great customer service.  My new goal is to spend time re-branding our company. I’d like to create a new website, and distribute various marketing items to prospective clients.  I feel a tagline would be a nice addition.  Surprising, very few of our competitors utilize one.  So far, I have:   “To Spec, On-Time, All The Time.” Any thoughts?  Thanks!


Jay’s Answer:  “To Spec, On-Time, All The Time” doesn’t match with your niche (“high value components, at competitive prices.  We pride ourselves upon excellent quality, fast turnaround, and especially great customer service”).

A couple of quick ideas based on your question:

  • Exacting Parts. Fast Turnaround. Great Service.
  • No one’s closer to you needs

I Need A Name For A Ladies Night Out

 Hi! I am looking for a name for our ladies night out. Basically it is a fundraising event with a silent auction, wine tasting light dinner and a hypnotist for entertainment. The crowd we are drawing is ladies who live in the country. Most of them live on ranches/farms and this is an event where they can dress up (which doesn’t happen often). This is our first year and we  want to continue it for years to come. Keeping the same name for good branding purposes. Help please! Thanks :)


Jay’s Answer:

  • Dress Up & Trance
  • Calling All Ladies
  • High-Heeled Farming Fun

How To Combat Negative Sentiment Via Social Media

My company is quasi governmental toll road company. Meaning that we have strong legislative ties and are constantly bombarded with negative media and customer complaints about paying their bill.

Everything that I have seen in webinars, company examples, and tips/tricks all focus on when  the customer base generally likes the company. Since we have government ties we are  put into the political realm where very opinionated people like to blast negative comments on  everything and anything. In addition the comments rarely fall under the topic of the post,  making it very difficult to post anything in fear of getting bombarded with “I don’t want to pay my bill”, “you’re stealing from me”, etc.


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds like it’s time for you to be proactive, since people aren’t actively sharing their love for your services. Can you identify people and/or organizations who truly benefit from your toll roads (and remember the way things “used to be”)? Can you figure out how much money/time people are saving using them, and have an animated clock on your website that keeps track of the savings minute-to-minute? When you get a negative post, how do you handle it – publicly or privately? Are the complaints warranted or just people griping?

Marathon Race Comparison Website

I am after some ideas for naming a website/app that will be aimed at providing marathon runners and prospective entrants to search and compare marathons across the world.

it will be a one stop website with information about every marathon in the world, comparing entry price, entry date cut offs, participation size, qualifying requirements, and other variables that go into making a choice about a marathon.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Marathon Man
  • Marathon Hunter
  • 26.2 Worldwide

New Website Tagline Required Urgently!

We are launching an online takeaway ordering service, providing digital menus for takeaways and delivery restaurants whilst providing a fast,efficient and fun service to hungry people. The name we are tinkering with at the moment is “EatNow”. We are looking for a tag line that goes along with it. We would like the tag line to be food related, young and fun,simple, something that will invoke enthusiasm,loyalty and energy to our customers. Any help is highly appreciated!!


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Hungry? One Stop Takeaway Shopping!
  • The Hungrier You Are, The More You Save!

Branding Pays

Branding Pays Book CoverWhether you’re a job seeker trying to make yourself stand out, an employee wanting to become more visible, or a company looking to attract new clients – it’s vital that you brand yourself. Branding is making your competitive advantage crystal clear. And Karen Kang’s latest book clearly shows you the five steps to do it yourself:

  1. Positioning: What is your unique and compelling value? Fill in the blanks: For ______ who needs or wants __________, I am ________, who provides ____________, unlike ___________. Make sure you clearly articulate the audience and your uniqueness at solving their needs.
  2. Messaging: What consistent wording explains your positioning? If you’re using a elevator-pitch, fill in the blanks: I (want to) do _________. It’s important because _______. And here’s a clear example __________.
  3. Brand strategy = core values + strengths + personality +  image + promise. This is a combination of rational and emotional elements that you have, aspire to, and matter to your audience.
  4. Ecosystem: Once you have a brand message, you need a way to spread it. The best way is slowly, through a well-connected network. Start from those that you know and trust. If they like your brand, then try business colleagues. If they like your brand, then try the general public. Each level of communication will not only be useful for testing your brand, but helping you to share and validate it to others.
  5. Action plan is the specific steps you’ll take to create your 360° brand. It’s more than just the words you use. It’s a complete marketing plan, every opportunity you have to interact with others – how specifically will you test and share your brand?

The Island of No-Marketing

Marketing To Improve Sales
(Photo by Easa Shamih)

Imagine you’ve landed on the beautiful Caribbean island of Sa Lez. It’s sunny, populated, healthy, and bustling with activity. As you wander around you notice that there are no stores, only market stalls. At each of the hundreds of stalls, you see that each vendor lists what they offer and their price. How would you choose which vendor to purchase from?

It’s clear that the vendor’s price list alone is likely not enough to sway your purchase. Digging deeper, you might compare vendors based on location, or best selection, or longest line, or best looking display, or best smile. You’re using other cues to help you pick the best vendor for your needs.

This is the essence of marketing. How can a business owner help people to choose their products or services?  It starts by identifying the type of person who’s looking for what you’re selling, and clearly articulating what makes your offering better for them.

Now, imagine you have one of the stalls at the market. What should you do to get more customers? Here are some varied approaches:

  • Sit in your stall, and watch what people touch and ask for (passive learning).
  • Give a talk at the entrance of the market that gets everyone excited to buy from you (active sales).
  • Do something wild, that strongly gets the attention of a few people (so they tell their friends), while the rest of the people ignore you completely (guerrilla marketing).
  • Hand out flyers at the entrance with a special free treat that many of the people there are appreciative of (but few remember or talk about) (product sampling).

There’s no absolute right or wrong approach to market your business. The right solution is the one that works for you and your prospective customers. While experts can suggest the best practices to begin your marketing strategy, ultimately it’s up to you to fine-tune the approach to customize it for your specific needs.

Slogan For Membership Site

We are an education company that provides a certification program for insurance agents that sell LTC insurance. Once they become certified in their state to sell LTC insurance we want the “next step” to be for the them to become a member of the LTC Inner Circle (our membership site).
The benefits of the membership site:
-Sales and Marketing Training
-Webinar Series
-Late breaking industry news
-Quote & Underwriting engines to show their client
-Access to “Ask the Expert”
-Access to a community of other insurance producers to ask questions.
Basically everything they need to sell LTC insurance after they have become certified.

We want them to feel like they are a VIP when they join, that they get the “inside scoop” on the industry. They have help, coaches, guidance every step of the way. Right now we have a logo that is the shape of a circle with people in it- and it says “Members Only.” Our company that is offering this is called LTC Connection and our company slogan is “We help producers sell LTC Insurance”. The LTC Inner Circle is a way that we continue to “connect” with producers and “Connect” the with tools and resources for selling LTC Insurance.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Become a Leading Salesperson
  • The Smart Way To Stay Ahead
  • Learn What Works From Our Experts

A Name & Tag Line for my Take Away Coffee Shop

Dear J, Greetings!

Focus Points:

  • Its a take away coffee shop.
  • Other Deliverables: Sandwich, burger, fresh juices, coffee (hot/cold)
  • Target Customers: Travelling people, night workers, students, MNC
  • employees, busy life stle consumers
  • Locations: Airports, Train stations, Tube & University campus & busy streets

USP: Open 24/7, free door delivery in 30 minutes, only Cafe in India offering the above 2.

Need a easily pronounceable, unique name & tagline since we focus on middle class & the above middle class people here in India

Note: Middle class is the bottom of the pyramid in India and there’s huge opportunity on this business.

Considering the above facts, would you please suggest some names and taglines for our Cafe. Few in Mind:
Cafe King: The King’s @ your service!  
Ground Floor: wheres my coffee.


Jay’s Answer:

  • 24/7 Coffee
  • Anytime Coffee (Shop)
  • Anytime Café
  • C’est Café (this is a play on words/language – Rhymes in English, and means “Coffee is…” in French)