How Announce Product Consolidation?

Our product series is a year old & is building brand equity. We are consolidating the series from 5 financial products to 3 as a means to better organize them based on how clients use them. Therefore, the product brand is not changing but the individual names are due to this reorganization. Do I move forward with a campaign message that includes the old product names or move towards the revitalize names sans explanation and focus on the benefits of the consolidation? It seems simpler to exclude the mentioning of the old names and focus on the brand & the simplification of the reorganization to focus on the new product names.


Jay’s Answer: Do your clients care about your reorganization? If so, then explain the rationale and educate on the renaming’s strategy. If not, then simply phase in the new name (version “2”), explaining the consolidation from a product/pricing perspective.

E-platform Building – Best Practices

I am in the process of helping out to build an e-platform. Can you help with ideas on where to find a good book or interesting information on e-platforms (such as trip advisor, or the food recipes website, etc.)? I would like to have more inputs on what works, what doesn’t, how information should be provided, importance of picture or not, if people should be able to give an advice, etc… Basically, what are the best practices and key principles to build a successful platforms.


Jay’s Answer: The best practices are those that connect with your target audience. So, it all must start from their needs, perspective, and your competition advantage. From there, there’s a lot of learning from your visitors on what they like and don’t (using analytics to help give you data). Ultimately, it’s about the curated conversations you’re able to conduct with interest visitors. As a clue, ignore the technology initially and focus on the experience you’d like to have with someone visiting your storefront. What image do you project? How are they greeted? What do you ask? How do you encourage them to return. Once you understand the human needs, then translate to a technology platform that supports that quality of interaction.

Tagline For Cheerleader Gear Company

I have a client who is a re-seller for clothing, equipment and accessories for Cheerleaders. She named the Company Go Cheer Gear and her main customer target is cheer-leading coaches. When I asked her business goal, she stated, “I want to help make coaches job easy (One stop shop).”


Jay’s Answer:

  • Your (Cheerleader) Team Supplies Superstore
  • Your School Team Superstore

Tagline For Chicago Networking Group Of 100,000

I’m a one person shop but I do own a networking group that has nearly 100,000 members in Chicago. We hold business networking events in the city monthly that are truly amazing. And we’re starting to do workshops and offer other educational opportunities to bring value to the group. For the life of me I can’t come up with a stellar tag line. Here’s the best one “Linked ‘N Chicago: Providing effective and enjoyable networking opportunities for Chicago’s most respected professionals.” I know it’s not good enough. My website is


Jay’s Answer: Some suggested taglines:

  • 100,000 Ways To Grow Your Business
  • Build Your Network Dynamically
  • The #1 Business Networking Network

Tagline Ideas For New Canine Business

I am starting a business and am looking for an outsider’s perspective for my tagline. The name of the business is “Jack’s Canine Excursions”. To give you an idea of what I want the tagline to reflect: my company will provide a high quality service to my clients but more importantly their dogs. I will construct individualized exercise service programs for each of my client’s pups in order to improve and maintain their health. I am acknowledging a problem that many dog owners are faced with, which is that sometimes life gets busy or throws us curveballs. They love their dogs but sometimes life gets in the way and consequently the dog’s life may be lacking quality and happiness. This is not to try to make the owner feel guilty, but simply to acknowledge a common problem that lacks quality solutions. (Note: My opinion is that a dog walking company is not a good solution to the problem I stated, because they do not offer the services that most dogs truly need. Ideally I want the tagline to reflect our differentiators.) My ultimate goal is to improve the mental and physical health of each of the dogs that I work with by engaging them in activities that will contribute to a happy and active lifestyle. Services I will offer will include dog running, swimming, pack excursions to dog park, more aerobic exercises….speed walking etc. So in a nutshell the differentiator is the level of activity the dog’s are getting vs. a standard dog walking biz.


Jay’s Answer: A couple of ideas to consider:

  • Jack’s Canine Excursions: A Doggie Boot Camp
  • Jack’s Canine Excursions: Active Dogs Are Happier (Companions)

Name Needed For Audiology Practice In Namibia

I have had my own audiology practice for 10 years, practicing under my own name, but would like to rebrand and give my practice a “proper” name. In Namibia we are restricted with regards to what is allowed – words like clinic/hospital and health facility/health service is not allowed. I do diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and newborn hearing screenings. I would like something that includes the words Namibia/Namibian. Names that are already taken are Namib Hearing/Namibia Hearing Centre/Windhoek Hearing Aids/Ear Institute.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Hear, Hear Namibia
  • Namib Audiology Institute

Name For A Romance Travel Agency

I am starting a new travel agency. while we are based in Connecticut we will be serving clients all over the US. We are specializing in the romance travel market but focusing on Destination Weddings and Honeymoons primarily in tropical destinations. I’m looking for a name that is both catchy but also that clearly defines what we are and what we do. I will be purchasing a website, and although the company name doesn’t have to be the domain name it would be nice to find a name for the company that has an available .com domain identity. Our demographic is of course young couples. our products and services are unique and cater to more of an affluent and luxury type clientele.


Jay’s Answer:,, are all currently available.

Marketing With YouTube

Marketing With YouTube(Photo by Esther Vargas)

If you’ve worked hard to get your website ranked well in Google (or if you’re just starting out, and trying to get your website ranked highly), don’t forget to create a video for your business (even if your business isn’t highly visual or you are camera shy). While Google is the #1 search engine, the #2 search engine is YouTube! The following are some basic tips I suggest to my clients:

  1. Title. Treat your video’s title like you treat your home page’s title. You want a title that will entice someone to click on it and also support your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). Make sure that you use proper keywords in the title.
  2. Description. Like the title, you want the description to be a balance between human-enticing text and appropriate industry buzzwords. Your description should support your title and promise to the viewer (why should they watch it)? Be sure to include in your description a link to your website – since that will help your search engine ranking (a good “backlink”).
  3. Keywords. YouTube allows you to also describe your video using additional keywords. If you’re not sure what to use, start by looking at your competitor’s video keywords.
  4. Audio. If you can, use a microphone to reduce background noise. We forget that a poor looking video with good audio is watchable. A beautiful video with poor audio isn’t.
  5. Video. Unless you’ve hired a professional who knows better, use a tripod to ensure your video isn’t shaky.

If you’re marketing something high-end or with a high-aesthetic, hire a video professional to ensure that your video quality is consistent with your branding promise. Otherwise, your first video doesn’t have to be perfect. The goal is to showcases the experience a prospective client is likely to have with you.

No one will know how many times you goofed up in recording your video. Don’t be too hard on yourself on how you look or sound. Simply having a video is likely to set you apart from your competition.

Both Sides of Marketing

Marketing Effectively To Customers(Photo by Michelle Robinson)

When you think about marketing your business, you generally consider such things as: your offering, your pricing, and your options. That’s logical. But that’s not what your prospective client is really looking for in your marketing.

Your prospective client is looking for “the other side to your marketing” – what their experience interacting with you is likely to be: how easy is it to reach you, how quickly can they get their order, how does what you offer compare to the competition, how can they trust your promises, and how they’ll feel long after they’ve made the buying decision.

Remember: By showcasing both sides of the marketing equation, you’ll create a realistic first impression that will ensure a long-term relationship. You don’t want your marketing to be two-faced.

Tagline for Online Food Supplement Plan

My company allows people to create their own supplement plans online and we deliver direct to them day packs of the pre-measured products ready to pick up a go with maximum convenience. I need a tag line and was thinking of: supplements simplified, nutrition delivery, simplify your success, no excuses, or time to deliver. I know you can do much better!


Jay’s Answer:

  • A Supplement A Day…
  • Get (or Think) SuppleMental