Marketing Multiplied

Marketing One or Many
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Your customer acquisition cost (the amount of money it takes to recruit a new customer) is a key performance index (KPI) for your business. The less it costs to get a new customer, the more profit you ultimately make. Is there a simple way to boost your profit without increasing your acquisition cost?

Yes. Instead of thinking of selling one product or service to a customer, sell more than one. Subscription services depend on this model (automatic sales on a regular basis). Upselling  (selling a companion product or service) is another way to turn one sale into two (or more). When crafting your marketing offer, be sure to include a “multiple option” offer. Depending on your audience, you may opt to make the multiple offer the default choice.

Stop selling things one-at-a-time and think of ways to sell things by the truckload. The right offer, described the right way (for your convenience), can boost your sales.

New Educational Nonprofit Needs Tagline

I have founded a new nonprofit organization and am struggling to come up with an  appropriate tagline. The website can be found at The gist of it is we provide free education about early human life and development using a live fetal ultrasound demonstration for schools, community organizations, youth groups, and community health centers. We are not religious or political and do not teach sexual education.


Jay’s Answer:

  • See What You’ve Been Missing
  • Look At Life From Within
  • Shining A Light On Human Development

Name My Hospitality Services

I am coming up with serviced apartments for executives & business personnel in Nagpur, MH, India. I am searching for a name for my Hospitality services which ll be sober, attractive but not flashy, easy to pronounce and with an Indian touch.can u suggest any? also if u can suggest a suitable tagline…


Jay’s Answer: Given you want a name with an “Indian” touch, you’re likely best served by talking to a local Indian marketer who both understands your audience and is well-schooled in Indian culture.

And whoever you work with will need a lot more information/discussion with you to arrive at a name (and tagline) that addresses your needs well, including: who specifically is your audience, why they’d choose to rent from you, what makes you unique, and why they’d pay for your offering.

Social Media To Promote Equality And Diversity?

How can you promote equality and diversity when communicating with your customers via social media?


Jay’s Answer:  For a moment, ignore the tool (social media). Focus on the message itself. How can you promote equality and diversity in all your conversations (not just externally)(and not just “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk”)? And then from the perspective of your customer, why should they care about this message from you? Once you deeply understand the answers to these two questions, then you have the seeds for sowing in all your communication, and for instilling it in your social media channel(s) as well.

How Long Should Your Newsletters Be?

How Long Should Your Newsletters Be
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How long your newsletter should be is based of the perceived value of what you’re saying. If you’re sharing a cure for a perceived painful condition, your reader will spend more time reading. But since most of your newsletters won’t be full of amazing discoveries, my rule is: Short enough to convey the message, and long enough to have some details.

Since everyone is deluged with emails and newsletters, if you make it obvious that a quick read won’t take more than a minute or two – your readers are more likely to read your writing (since it’s not such a large risk of their time). But if you waste their time too often, they’ll stop reading and/or unsubscribe.

Remember: It’s not really about length at all. It’s really about how effectively compelling your writing is.

P.S. This advice applies not only for newsletters, but also: emails, advertising, and speeches.

Getting Past The Gatekeepers

Get Your Marketing Message Past The Gatekeepers
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One of the hardest issues in your marketing is getting your message in front of decision makers. Since decision makers are often deluged by requests for their time and/or attention, they likely have gatekeepers to buffer them from those outside the organization. So, how can you get your message seen by the right person?

Do your homework. In many cases, people approach the head of an organization thinking that this person is the appropriate decision maker. In many cases, it’s not. It may be a product manager, a VP of Finance, or another leader within an organization. Figure out who the right person is first. Be sure to also be aware of what the company’s upcoming plans are – so you can be sure you’re up-to-date with their direction.

Be nice. Once you reach the gatekeeper, respect their time. They are paid to deal with people like you daily. Quickly explain your “offer” and benefit, and then listen to their response clearly – echoing it back to them if necessary. Then follow through on the next steps.

Be persistent. Even if the gatekeeper loves your offering, it’s likely your single communication is likely to be forgotten. Follow up as you promised regularly. If you can’t get their attention and they definitely are interested in your offering, consider a daily communique. Go for “no”.

Be convincing. Ensure you’re not repeating the same message with each conversation. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll likely have a list of benefits that the organization would likely reap and the proven social proof to highlight your capabilities.

Be varied. Email is easily sent, and easily ignored. Pick up the phone and call (at different times of the day and different days). Fax. Mail a letter. Send a package.

Go around. A warm introduction to the person of interest is much better than trying to wrangle your way in from a cold call. If the person will be attending any workshops or conferences, be there and meet them face-to-face. Use LinkedIn’s InMail to reach the decision maker directly.

Recognize these same tactics to go around an organization’s gatekeeper you would also use to convince someone to buy from you (since each of our minds is also a gatekeeper to ourselves).

Creative Fundraiser/Donation Names & Titles

I work as a senior Marketing Manager for sports broadcasting company called SEN. SEN is a local (DMV area) version of ESPN featuring upcoming young athlete talents (high school and college students) in order to promote, educate, advertise and highlight these young talents to other schools and recruiters and possibly professional sports teams. We are currently working towards designing a fundraiser or donation line in order to raise revenue that would go towards production, media coverage, social media networking and advertising these young athletes on a national scale. Since this is a start up business that just began in January we are working with very limited funds. I need a catchy name for a fundraiser campaign or donation line so that people may be able to sponsor and donate to our company.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Be SENsational
  • See SENsations

New Bus Route College Marketing To Parents

The school is is establishing two new school bus routes through the NE suburbs, in addition to the already existing bus route. This has come about following feedback and demand from parents surveyed. It is intended to begin the bus services in 2014.

Can you please provide ideas for a full scale marketing program (Web, Social Media, Print, Guerilla Marketing, Direct marketing, Press Release etc) for the new and existing College families?


Jay’s Answer:  If there was feedback and demand, then it seems that there’s a market that’s ready. Do parents/students need to sign up for the route? Do parents need to pay for the service? Can you make the bus ride launch unusually FUN (live music, food, sing-along, etc.)?

How To Get More Travel Clients?

We are into a small business or I would say have begun a business of travel and Overseas education Consultancy along with IELTS Coaching classes. For IELTS we keep getting 1 or 2 students a month. My question is, What can be the best way to bring perspective clients or candidates to our office looking for Study Visa or overseas education. Although we keep getting phone calls for the same, but most of the time either they are fake calls or the clients do not show up after getting all the information. Don’t understand why.


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds very frustrating. My guess is you haven’t sufficiently pre-qualified your prospective clients. People will show up if it’s clear they are the right people and it’s worth their time. Your job is to identify the right people and convince them of the value of talking with you.

To start with, I’d suggest putting more information about your services online (your “Top 10 Questions” for example). Next, for those interested in talking further, they should provide you with some answers (that are easy to validate) to key questions: contact information & why they want your help. Then, conduct an over-the-phone interview, ensuring that they’ve read through your online information first, they understand what you do, and you understand the value to them.