Where’s the Harm?

Safe Marketing

When was the last time you searched online for your website? Since it is likely the first thing your prospective customer will do, it will set the tone for their experience. Imagine if the first thing they saw was “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer”?

Your website may completely function, but website search engines have identified potential problems. What should you do? This is a job for your website administrator, since it likely involves the low level details of your website.

What would they do? They’d first visit a diagnostic page – a report on specifically what the search engine detected as a problem. Based on the report, they’d likely disable some “infected” parts of the website (areas that a hacker has modified), carefully remove all the “damaged” parts (if you don’t remove all the infection, the problem will reoccur), and reinstall “clean” (non-infected) tools. They may change your passwords. It may take minutes or days depending on the severity of the problem.

Finally, when it appears to be fixed, they would notify the website search engine(s) that the problem is fixed. If their software no longer detects the problem, they will remove the “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer” message.

You want your prospective client’s experience to be: “Warning: Not buying from this website will harm your life”!

Need A Creative Name For A Unique Dating Service

Need a “creative” name for a dating service focused on verification, providing a NEW era for safe dating. “The only thing that can go wrong is you don’t get along” Participants (professionals age 30-55) have a comprehensive background investigation by a team of licensed private investigators and former law enforcement. While other sites focus on unique compatibility algorithms, ease of use, and niches. Our feeling is that’s all great if the people are verified. Imagine the handsome and innocent-looking Frenchman who lures the girls in the movie “Taken” “Why waste your time with pretenders or offenders?”


Jay’s Answer:

  • Confidently Yours
  • ValiDate
  • Real Loving Partners

Name For A Small School Transportation Company

I need help coming up with a name for a school transportation company. It is in the Northern part of Buenos Aires in Argentina (very high end). It services 2 English schools so the name can be in English or Spanish. The buses (4 of them) are orange and white (as per Argentine regulations. The name should be fun and catchy. A short name is preferred. Any ideas??


Jay’s Answer:

  • Orange and White
  • Mandarina Transportation
  • Cara Cara Bus

Real Estate Expo Tagline Help

We have a Real Estate Expo that we are hosting coming up in the next couple of months in Orange County, California. Our hope is to have a theme/tagline for each one vs. the event as a whole. We are having a hard time coming up with a tagline as we also don’t have a huge theme created either. Any help is much appreciated. The purpose of the expo is to provide a no pressure, positive environment where individual real estate investors can grow, network, and expand their businesses. In doing so we are offering them opportunities to attend educational sessions, network with other professionals, and get connected with resources in the industry that can help them succeed. Industry leaders, specialists, and service providers in real estate investing, private lending, rehabbing wholesaling, note buying, etc. will be in attendance.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Real Networking. Real Experts. Real Knowledge.
  • Get Real!

Slogan for Boudoir Products

I need help with a slogan for my new product range LUXE LAB ELIXIRS. I’m an acupuncture physician that formulates botanical perfumes, aphrodisiac chocolates, and vajay herbal steams. These are specialty items in a women’s boudoir themed according to Chinese medicine, astrology, and mythology. Every product comes with a story and affirmation as an opportunity to engage with the product in a playful way and invoke a goddess for a specific need in their life.. i.e. career success, fertility, love, etc. Everything is based in science as well as esoteric concepts. This line is unique, cutting, edge as well as being all natural and not afraid of being on the wild side.


Jay’s Answer: Since your product’s name doesn’t tell me what it does (other than it’s an elixir), for who, or why you’d take it – I’d suggest that the slogan convey some of this information, for example:

  • Naturally Infuse Your Life
  • Ancient Natural Solutions To Modern Problems
  • A Drop A Day Keeps Goddesses At Play

Can Your Marketing Be Too Creative?

Too Creative Marketing.(Photo by Staff Sgt. Pablo Piedra)

People often ask for some help creating something “catchy” – something designed to attract the attention of their target audiences. And with the constant onslaught of marketing messages, creative can help your business get noticed initially. But once people are attracted, what then? More creative? More catchy? No.

Once someone’s been attracted to your marketing, focus on the emotional and financial benefits you offer. Being too creative now can actually backfire – since people can get distracted by your cleverness (entertaining them) and forget to buy from you!

How do you keep their interest in your offer without being (overly) clever? Tell a story of how you’ve helped people like them (or better yet, tell a story of your client’s success overcome a problem they had).

A great story is easily remembered and often retold.

Stop Marketing. Start Outreach.

Stop Marketing. Start Outreach.(Photo by malik ml williams)

For many people, marketing is the process of trying to convince people that what you offer should matter to them. Your job is to understand what unmet need people have and show how the product or service you’re offering solves their need. Once accomplished, your job is more about sales – persuading them that you’re providing a great value for their needs.

However, if you’re a local business, instead of trying to convince locally, start reaching out locally. Help those in your community to improve their lives. Find ways to really matter to them,  both as a business and as a citizen. This process is what marketing used to be about – building trust in YOU. Such old-fashioned marketing is slower, but deeper. With modern marketing, people are deluged with marketing messages, and trying to get their attention can be exhausting to everyone. But ultimately trust is built through experience. Give potential customers a chance to build trust in you through your actions (at no cost).

“Old Fashioned” (Cee Lo Green)

My loves’ old fashioned
But it still works
Just the way it isThis love is classic
And not just simply because
I say it is
It’s right on time (right on time)
And it’s timeless (timeless)
And it’ll be right here, for always
My loves’ old fashioned
So be it, I’m set in my ways
Hush child, just listen
Don’t it sound just like the good old days
Well it’s right on time (right on time)
And it’s timeless (timeless)
And it’ll be right here, for always (always)
My love’s right one time (right on time)
And it’s timeless (timeless)
I’ll be right here for always
Oooo… people they gather round, and they wonder how
Are we in love right here and now
I just smile cause true love doesn’t go out of style
Ooh… right on time, Ooh, yes,
Ooh… on time, ooh timeless
I’ll be here, for always

Need A Tagline / Theme For Faith-based Initiative

 I need a theme that uses the word “purpose” or “purposeful” to define the initiative of a church’s mission for this coming year. The mission for both this church and this women’s group in the church we’re trying to create this tagline for is “service”. They serve others. What they want is to start off with arousing support rallying around purpose, having a purpose. Motivating people in a form on an evergreen type of initiative by drawing on a purpose to act to serve.


Jay’s Answer:

  • The Purpose of 2017
  • What’s Your Purpose?
  • Show Your Passion!

How to Leverage Other’s Networks?

I am a mental health author and I am looking for advice on how to find well known people in my field. Once I find these “experts” I would like to tap into their huge network of fans by contributing helpful advice to their fan base through guest blogs, social media posts and article/blog comments.
Do you have any advice on how to find these people and the process itself would be appreciated or know of someone who could help me? If so I would appreciate the help.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re asking a large favor from people, you need to provide a great reason for them to help you. To start with, why should they trust your advice? What special knowledge do you possess that they would gladly share with their network? If your advice is incorrect, then that may affect their credibility in their network – what promise will you make to shield them from risk? What makes your request especially hard is that the health field is very sensitive to fakery.

To find these people, start by identifying who specifically is reaching the audience you want to connect with, and then offer to write a guest blog article for them. You’ll need to provide samples of your work for them to ensure that the quality meets their criteria.