Name My Travel Agency

What are a few suggestions for great names of a travel agency? What are some good ways and places to market on line to build travel clientele?


Jay’s Answer: Instead of trying to start your business with a “great name” and some “good ways and places to market”, I suggest you focus first on your marketing/business strategy. A business doesn’t start with a name, it starts with a target market. Who specifically would want your services? Where are they located? Where are they likely to want to go? Why would they choose you over your competition? What can you offer that no one else can? Why should they trust you? What makes you different/better?

With the answers to these questions, you can begin to develop a name that would appeal to them, determine good ways to market to them, and build your clientele.

Slogan For My Painting Company

My company is called “Glamour Painting” and we’ve been in the painting business for about 10 years and successfully completed many residential, commercial and industrial projects. To take my company to the next level, I’ve been trying to find a slogan to use for my advertising campaigns but couldn’t find something that represents the name “glamour” as well as what we do. Any suggestions?


Jay’s Answer:

  • You’ll Love How It Looks
  • Professional Results That Get Noticed

Health Coaching For Women & Children

I would like to combine two businesses. One is teaching sign language to 6 mo old infants to adults and health & wellness coaching to moms and their children. I would like to offer package deals for both or individual options for people who just want health coaching or those who just want sign language classes.


Jay’s Answer:  What’s your thinking for combining these very different businesses? You’re likely to have a problem picking a name that works for both needs, and a bigger problem having your prospective customers “get it”. Instead, keeping them as 2 businesses might make much better sense – you would market them differently, each with their own different benefits/needs.

Tagline for Training/Staff Development

Hi! I’m starting a Training/Staff Development business focusing on health care workers but not restricted to it. My last name is Anchor so I’m naming it “Anchor Training and Development”. I need a tagline though! I was thinking of something like “Superior professional development services”, or “For all your staff training and development needs”. Any suggestions? Thank you!


Jay’s Answer:  A great tagline needs to convey what makes you special to your target audience. Your “Superior professional development services” doesn’t tell me what makes your business unique in the eyes of prospective clients. For example, any of your competitors is likely to be able to say the same exact thing.

Sacred Illuminations Inspired By Ancient Heritage

Searching for a perfect tagline that targets the high-end customers that appreciate fine art. My artwork is rich in detail and craftsmanship, inspired by the Slavic manuscript illuminations, ancient spiritual symbolism such as the Tree of Life. the Light of the Spirit.
For examples, visit the gallery in my website:

I use gold leaf, gold and metallic paints, and jewels in my originals. The prints are also custom made on gold metallic paper with jewels. Until now, having trouble reaching the religious and spiritual seekers. Now, trying to create another market that includes more affluent clients with discerning taste of unique, ancient, spiritual art and craftsmanship.


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds like you’re guessing who will like/buy your artwork. Who specifically has purchased your art, and who specifically has expressed an interest in it? Why? What did/do they like? Why would they want to hang it in their workplace or home? Why would they want to show it to their friends? Why is it meaningful to them?

While you’re thinking about the paper, the paint, the colors, etc. – your prospective customers are thinking about what your image invokes in them. It may be something spiritual, it may be something vastly different.

Also, if you’re targeting high-end clientele, you’ll need to overhaul your website, since high-end clients would want a higher-end website than what you have today. Much higher quality images, presented more appealingly, with better wording would be a good start.

One Name To Cover Multiple Areas In Graphic Design

 Ok, I have interest/experience in SEVERAL areas of graphic design. I want to start a small online business that will cater to all of these areas:

  • Invitation, flyer’s, brochures, business cards etc.
  • Personalized graphic gifts (shirts, mugs, blankets, etc.)
  • Photo touch-ups (removing blemishes, smooth skin, background replacement, etc.)
  • Photo Repair (old, torn, worn, faded, ripped etc.)
  • Photo manipulation

These are just the basics of the things I want to do with a single business. But I am having a difficult time coming up with ideas that I like, and if I like them, they are already taken in some form. I want something that sets me apart from the rest.

I have brainstormed some words that I like which are: design, refined, graphic, customize, personal, personalize, custom, graphic, unique, and refine. But the ones I really liked (Refined Design, Artistically Yours, Personal Touch) are all already being used by other businesses, in one form or another. (I don’t want to be confused with the company who offers massage, or another company offering similar services to me.)

I had considered using my name, (Angela Green) but I honestly HATE being called Angela, I prefer Angie, and it just seems too simple. And my last name, being Green, I do not want to be confused with the new “go green” slogan, or that I only design with the color green.

I had considered using my daughters middle name somehow, which is from an old video game (Celes) because it is very unique. So that is another option I am considering.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Jay’s Answer:  Why not simply “Celes Graphic Design”? There’s no reason to focus on what specific things you offer in your name – just target those that are likely to need your services. Also, while a name matters to some extent, it’s ultimately about how your clients feel about your services. If all your marketing is professionally done, and you exceed your clients expectations, they won’t care if you operate from a spare bedroom or have a large office suite.

Name For Elderly/Sick Free Window A/C Project ?

Hi- I am concerned about the high temps and how the elderly and sick will survive. I want to rally some resources and get 100 homes with A/Cs this summer. Its all for non profit, volunteer effort. If successful in future years I would ask for a salary to manage. I doubt if there will ever be any extra money so probably will never see a salary. I’m a christian so I’ll get my pay in other ways. Thank you for any help in getting this off the ground quickly. I plan to solicit electric companies, A/C stores, repair guys, installers, etc..


Jay’s Answer:

  • Cool Seniors
  • Cool Senior Citizens
  • Seniors Beating The Heat

“A Solution” vs. “The Solution”

The Right Marketing Solutions
(Photo by Northern Ireland Executive)

There’s a world of difference between “a” and “the“. When you’re marketing your business, are you positioning yourself as “a solution” or “the solution” to the challenges your prospective client is facing?

If you are “a solution“, you are stating that your offering is interchangeable with any of your competitors. In some cases, that’s a good thing. It means that you’re following some best practices, likely using the industry standards for achieving your clients’ goals. But that also means that you need to find something that makes you stand out from your competition. After all, if you’re interchangeable, then what’s the big difference between what you and they are selling?

If you are “the solution“, then that means that you’ve carefully identified your niche, deeply understand the problems they face,  gotten to the crux of their needs, and have a unique way of solving the problem. You’re the leader, you’re confident, and everyone else is second best. There’s also a huge bonus for this positioning: online searches. The better you can articulate the problems (and your answers) the easier will it be for people who are searching for answers to find YOU.

If your target audience is risk averse, then it makes sense to be “a solution” – with some clear differentiation. However, it’s always better to be perceived as the leader. Your competition will inadvertently help market your business by comparing themselves to your company, strengthening your leadership status.

When marketing your business, it’s all in the details.

The Priority 5

Prioritize Your Marketing

(Photo by Richard Summers)

With all your various tasks, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At best, you over-stress yourself and over-deliver your services. At worst, you over-stress and under-deliver. Before you start a new project, make sure to develop a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any key pieces and ensure you sequence your sub-tasks appropriately:

1) Deadline. What are the real-world constraints facing you? Are there other people who will take your work and then use it to start their workflow? Are there submission deadlines (for publication) that need to be respected?

2) Estimates. Overconfidence in scheduling is highly dangerous. If you’ve done this same work hundreds of times, and can crank it out with a high degree of certainly, that’s great. For the rest of us, guess how long something will take and double it.

3) Constraints. Is there: a sequence to getting the work done, a fixed budget, or specific resources required? Hidden constraints generally show themselves at the least opportune time. Be sure to double check your assumptions.

4) Reward. Extrinsically, what’s the reward for achieving your goals (money or fame)? Intrinsically, how important is it to you to achieve the goals (satisfaction, confidence, or education)? To keep nourishing your business, find something intrinsically valuable in every project you work on (and be sure to remind yourself of it when frustration is high).

5) Risk. What’s the chance for failure? Whatever part of the project worries you the most schedule the earliest. If there’s a big obstacle, you want the most time to be able to focus your attention on it. Too often people schedule the hardest for the last, assuming that things will work out. You don’t want to sound a last-minute alarm to your clients.

If you prioritize, you’re not guaranteed smooth sailing. But you will be guaranteed that you’ll arrive at your planned destination.