Seeking A Name For Our Non Profit

We currently have a film company that trains students at the colleges through our for profit business. We are starting a nonprofit for this program and I would like to come up with a nice, catchy name for the nonprofit. About the program, the students go through their 101 program and learn the terminology and technical aspects of filming, in 102 they actually come on set and get the hands on experience in their choice of available positions. Originally the program was called Skillz 4 Life but we don’t want that as the name for our non profit. The goal of our non-profit is to provide hands on training of a film or video set, e.g. movies, commercials, PSA’s, weddings, sporting events, whatever we are hired to do. We are located in Georgia and are target audience are college students and non traditional students who are training in the video and film industry.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Set For Life
  • On The Set Training

Need Tagline For Kiddos And Kin: Music, Yoga & Art For Young Children & Their Families

I currently own “Kindermusik with Shay” ( Business is soon expanding to include not only Kindermusik, but also mommy & me yoga, young children’s art classes, etc. Need a tagline for the new business: “Kiddos and Kin” with focus on the arts, family participation and bonding time. My teaching philosophies are found on my website (ex: All children are musical and artistic, parents are the most important teacher, inclusive of all special needs, etc.)


Jay’s Answer:

  • Enjoy Playing Together
  • The Family That Plays Together…
  • Expand Family Time
  • Arts & Music & Fun

Two Slogans, Two Markets, Same Company

Our small apart-hotel will target tourists and business people. Tourists are mostly foreigners and contact us in English, mainly from abroad. Business people represent the domestic market and speak Spanish. Only business people could be repetitive client. Tourist are mainly one time customers. We are thinking at two slogans: one for each market. Is this a good tactic or a dangerous idea? I know the rule that a company should use one slogan only, but, as a customer, I would not bother to see more than one from the same company.


Jay’s Answer: It’s quite possible there’s a way to combine the two taglines. So start your exercise with trying to create the best tagline for each target market. Then, see where the overlap is.

Another option is to create a different website based on where people are viewing your site from – in-country or out-of-country, thereby having an appropriately localized site (English vs. Spanish) – and with different taglines (in different languages).

Your Marketing Laboratory

Your Marketing Laboratory(Photo by iT@c)

The frustrating truth is that doing the right things doesn’t guarantee success. The right things are vital, but luck is huge. All the various marketing books and articles showcase people who’ve “made it”, and tell you what they did to succeed. The implicit part of the story is, “do as I do and you’ll make it just like me.” But it just ain’t so.

I’d love to see a book written examining a group of people starting new businesses (perhaps all that went to the same b-school). Then, see what everyone does. Then, see how everyone does. The “nice” person may lose. The “idiot” may win.

Our culture’s focus on “the winner” creates an underlying “I’m-not-good-enough” mentality, which keeps people constantly looking for “the next trick” to win customers.

That’s why your marketing laboratory is your existing client base. These people have somehow shown up and keep showing up. They haven’t left. They keep paying their bills. You want to clone them. That’s why interviewing them (either directly or subtlety) is vital.

Sometimes the obvious thing to do to improve your marketing is staring right at you.

Focus On The Background

Focus On The Background(Photo by Frank Guido)

First impressions matter. Without a great first impression, you’ll lose people’s attention and potentially their business. But after you’ve gotten their attention, how do you keep it?

We spend too much time optimizing a primary message, while the emotional sway is all in the background. Consider your favorite band. You listen to the lead singer, but without the background singers, the lead singer would not sound as amazing. Or when watching a movie or video – how much attention do you give the background music? The music provides the emotional and atmospheric cues.

For your next marketing message, divide your effort evenly between your “foreground” and “background” messages. Make sure that total effect of your marketing results in prolonged interest and sales.

Name Our Q&A Career Session

We’re a student career consultancy and holding a question and answer session where we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions by students for their degree programmes can you help us come up with a good name for the whole campaign.


Jay’s Answer: Here are some ideas:

  • Come See Your Future
  • Ask & Answered
  • Get a Degree Closer

New Name For A Bar Business?

I’m in need of a new name for a karaoke bar. Current name is woofers & tweeters, but the name desperately needs changing when ownership changes. Would like to have a catchy name but we will be also adding a dance club night, live music, and comedians to the mix monthly, so I would like a name that will go with everything but karaoke still being the main event since there is no other karaoke bar in town.


Jay’s Answer: Sing and Dance

Keep On Changing

Marketing Variety(Photo by namealus)

Psychologically, after we get used to something, we tend to ignore it – no matter how luxurious it is. Supermarkets know this well – that’s why they’ll regularly rearrange products to capture new attention on existing offerings. What should you change in your marketing?

Don’t change what’s working. If you’re not sure what’s working, then start by measuring actions and reactions. Add analytics to your website. When prospective clients contact you, ask them how they heard about you. Measure your newsletter click-through rates.

Change what’s not working (as well as it once was). Change the images in your marketing. Your marketing channels. Your newsletter timing. Your typography. Your tagline. Your offer. Your headlines. And measure again.

Evolve your business to new heights.