A Name For An Ice Cream Shop

I would like to ask for your help. We came up for an ice cream shop name (cloud 9) .. unfortunately we have found out that it is used for a small home business. We do not want to copy their name The name should be desirable, timeless, and shout convey happiness, joy, and delight.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Scoop9
  • Sweetness
  • Euphoria

Name For Financial Adviser Client Newsletter

 We are a Financial Advice company dealing mainly with Insurance and need a catchy name for our monthly newsletter. Its simply a name so I don’t have to call it Newsletter 1, newsletter 2 so on and so forth. Our newsletter is centred around relevant content not selling our services, as they are already clients. Its simply to provide content to them that would be of value to them. Hence why I just wondering if people had a more interesting name than ‘Our Newsletter’. Our company SHARE Mangawhai.


Jay’s Answer:

  • SHARE the Wealth
  • SHARE the Wisdom

Event Planning Business Tagline?

Can you help me create a tagline for my new event planning business?  APRELLA Jenkins Elite Events.  I am a visual person; I can envision events (parties, weddings, etc) in any venue (empty loft space, banquet hall, outside, wherever).  I want my clients to know that I can create any event using their ideas and my creativity.  Thanks.


Jay’s Answer: Congratulations on starting a new business!

One of the keys to effective marketing is clearly articulating: who specifically you serve, what makes you unique/better, and why someone should trust you. Right now it sounds like: you’re willing to serve anyone who wants an event, you can create anything, and you’re creative. Unfortunately, that’s not narrow enough so a tagline (or the marketing to follow) is likely to be generic, and therefore, not very effective.

Someone is likely not to hire you because you’re creative with their ideas. They’re likely to hire you because you specialize in what they want: informal weddings, super high-tech corporate events, picnics, etc. Try to consider the world from someone who doesn’t know your perspective. Why should they choose YOU?

Help Me Name My Wedding and Event Planning Business

I am starting a wedding and event planning business and I need a unique name and tagline. I want cater to those who are in need of help with planning and decorating ideas, also those who are on a budget. Please help!


Jay’s Answer: You’re asking a common question – and the answer is complicated.

To start with, since you’re starting a new business (congrats!), it would be better for you to create a marketing/business strategy document first, then create a name/tagline. Why? Because the name/tagline needs to reflect your target audience. And not everyone in the world would be interested in what you offer. And those that may be interested, not everyone would necessarily choose to work with you. So, the key issues are: getting very clear on your target audience, what makes you unique/different, and why people should trust you.

A business name/tagline should flow from this document/understanding. A name alone won’t suddenly attract people (nor will a tagline). Once you have both of these, the question remains:  How will people find your business? How will you market to them?

Title Needed For Friend Fundraiser

Hello, A friend (lacy) was diagnosed with liver cancer. A group of us are coordinating a fundraiser for her. The event will consist of food, raffles, music, and bean bag toss tournament. We are trying to come up with a simple,sweet and fun title for the event. We do not want to focus on just one area of the event like the bean bag tournament, in fear that people would just think that is what the event is about instead of a day full of other fun activities. Any ideas/suggestions for a title of the event is much appreciated.Thank you!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Lacy’s Liver Lovers
  • (Lacy’s) Liveration (liver+celebration)

3 Steps To Perfection

Perfect Your Marketing
(Photo by Isaac Lee)

Logically we know there is no such thing as “perfect”, but emotionally most people are constantly searching for it. In your marketing, by showing “perfect” you naturally trigger in your audience feeling of comparison (“How do I stack up?”). And if someone in your audience doesn’t feel like they measure up, you’ve created an emotional opportunity to help fill their “void”.

Here is the three step solution to sell “perfection” in your marketing campaigns:

1. Show perfection. For ideas of how to represent perfection, take a look at people’s Pinterest pins for the keyword “perfection”, or simply show images of beautiful & vibrant people, perfectly organized spaces, or a decorator-designed living space.

2. Ask the simple question “How do you compare?” That’s why people love taking short quizzes to see how they stack up to others. If you simply ask them how do they compare (to whatever ideal you’re offering in your marketing) you’ve created an opportunity to sell to them – if they don’t feel they “stack up”.

3. Offer the solution: “If you want this, we can help get you there!” If money is truly no object, perhaps people can ultimately achieve “perfect”. But likely, getting them to “good enough” will satisfy most of your target audience.

Selling perfection is a double-edged sword. If you’re claiming you can help get people closer to “perfect” then your marketing must also be “perfect”. Great images. No typos. Information presented in an attractive “voice”. If your marketing doesn’t look and feel perfect, then your marketing message will ring hollow. And you’ll have a perfect failure.

Social Physics

Social Physics Book CoverHow do people really communicate and share ideas with each other? Researchers conduct lots of surveys. Experts share their “best-practices”.  However, until now, it’s all been basically a little observation and a lot of extrapolation.

The author (Alex Pentland) and his MIT research laboratory created wearable devices (sociometric badges) to measure face-to-face interactions, monitored online communities, and produced a wealth of data to examine the question, “How do ideas spread through networks?”

The field of social physics attempts to wed social science with mathematical data to create a “god’s eye” all-seeing view of groups of people (from company teams, to online communities, to societies). The key findings were:

  • Best performers use their networks differently than the average. They maintain stronger engagement with people (to be able to reach out to them more quickly) and with a diverse set of people (customers, competitors, and managers).
  • People who are energetic create more engaging interactive conversations, producing more idea flow.
  • Ideas flow easier when there’s transparency to seeing what others are doing.
  • Ideas flow better when there are a wide number of unique inputs. It’s dangerous for everyone to use the same inputs and come to the same conclusion (a potential for media control, for example).
  • There’s a wide disparity between what people answer in surveys (what they think) and how they truly act. People are aware of their goals, but often aren’t aware of their actions.
  • People rely upon social learning (it’s easier to see others doing something) more than self-learning.
  • “Common sense” is based on a community’s idea flow (shared, integrated habits, and beliefs).
  • Engagement (cooperatively working together) requires direct, strong, positive interactions between people. Social ties are keys to influencing. Weak online ties don’t create engagement. Stronger engagement also improves productivity.
  • To improve an organization, don’t just reward the “winners”. Reward those that helped the winners, and those that helped the helpers, etc. It gives everyone a vested stake in the outcome.

By having better data available for all, we can make better decisions. But instead of having the data in the hands of corporations (as we do today), we need individual ownership of data and granular control of what we share with others.

Tagline For Small PR/Communications Practice

Starting a home-based PR/Comm practice with a network of 10 or so PR professionals, who will be hired on contract when needed. I will offer a more face-to-face service in my own community, but will also offer virtual services across the county (and eventually beyond). I’m looking for three words or a simple tagline that will resonate with the clients I want to attract. What’s unique about my offerings is that I can cater to the busy exec who needs a powerpoint in two days or a small firm who needs a press release written by tomorrow or the startup who needs a complete integrated comm plan to launch or the large company who needs a strategic approach to corporate citizenship. We offer a lot because I have the resources with experience in more than 20 industries. The company name is CAROB COMMUNICATIONS. Although carob in itself is a substitution for cocoa or chocolate, its name was imagined by combining the first three letters of my first name and first three letters of my last name.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Go Beyond Vanilla PR
  • PR Without The Stress
  • PR In-A-Pinch

Name My Saddlery Shop

My husband and I currently run a business each. He is a leatherworker and makes and repairs leather goods as well as horse tack (his current business name is ‘Belt-up leather’). I am a mobile saddle fitter (horses) and sell and fit (as well as repair) used/secondhand saddles (my current business name is ‘Saddle Sense’).

We now have the opportunity to take over a shop so we can have a base to sell our goods (used saddles and handmade leather goods, for example, dog collars, belts, horse tack etc) and provide on-site repair to saddles and other leather goods/horse tack. We are incredibly short of tack shops/saddlerys in this are so I thought we could also sell secondhand horse tack and rider wear in the shop.

The thing is now, I think we need a name specifically for the shop but that will encompass the other two businesses as well. It doesn’t have to make use of our current business names as they can still be separate businesses within the shop (if that makes sense) but the name of the shop really needs to be relevant to all that we do. The businesses are all related but I am really not very creative when it comes to this sort of thing and i can’t seem to find anything that encompasses them all. I was thinking maybe _________Saddlery, but I am extremely open to all ideas! I can’t think of a short-ish tagline either! Not sure if it’s relevant but we are in the UK.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Saddle Up (To Leather)
  • Leather N’ Tack