Product Name For Infographic Of The Month

Hi we need a clever name of a digital subscription product that will send a tabloid-sized infographic to our subscribers each month digitally.

Key Industry Words: Arbitrage, Financier, Capital, Commercial, Real Estate,

These infographics describe commercial real estate finance and capital raising concepts that are distilled into an easy to understand format. Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions coupled with intelligent, visually laid out graphic design allow you to realize profits faster and consistently.
  • Infographics can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablets for portability and convenience.
  • Large, easy-to-read fonts and text colors allow you to quickly scan over and easily retain content.
  • Every file is downloadable. No restrictions!
  • Create your own library and store these infographics permanently for reference later
  • Every infographic comes in PDF format, ready to print on demand.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Finance At A Glance
  • I Get It!
  • (Distilled) Capital Wisdom
  • See The Market

Help With A Catchy Creative Tagline

Hello, I am looking for a creative catchy tag line for a business called The Wooden Spoon. It’s a personal chef service that you can order your meals by email and pick them up ready to heat and serve. Customers can pick from different service plans to fit there needs. Need a great tag line to get people’s attention. Thanks


Jay’s Answer: Since your business name doesn’t give a clue about what you offer/sell, let your tagline clarify. For example: “Your Personal Chef Service To-Go”

A Lot Of Magic Bullets

Magic Bullets To Improve Your Marketing(Photo by David Blackwell)

We’re all trying to find ways to improve our business. Each week, we read about the newest trick or tactic that is a must. We fantasize for a “magic bullet” that will transform our business. But what if there wasn’t a single big magic bullet, but a lot of small magic bullets?

Our business culture constantly spreads the dream of “the insider secret” – something that someone did, that produced a huge result. If you’re just starting out in business, then indeed there are lots of “secrets” – but professionals simply call them “best practices”. These aren’t sexy (deep knowledge of your target audience, clear expression of the benefit of your offering, high-quality backlinks, emotional undertones, etc.). Following through on these best practices will at least put your company in “better company”.

After your initial leap into best practices, the majority of your improvement can be found in a series of smaller tactics, that if done together will result in a big result. For example: website analytic analysis, A/B testing, customer surveys, informational interviews, case studies, SWOT analysis, and value-based pricing. The problem with these smaller improvements is that it’s a lot of work to do more, especially since each tactic may require specialized skills.

Stop spending your days hoping to find a magic bullet. Instead, forge your own success through a continual attitude of gradual improvement. After a while, people will be asking you for your business secrets.

Faster Higher Stronger MarketingThis article was inspired by Mark McClusky’s book Faster, Higher, Stronger, which showcases how athletic achievement is being transformed through a combination of improved science and technology.

1 Sentence Is All You Have

Marketing Short & Sweet(Photo by benefit of hindsight)

When people ask “what do you offer”, they’re not expecting to hear a long laundry list of services, a vague promise, or a long story. They want to know if what you’re selling is something that they may be interested in (eventually) buying. If they want more information, they’ll ask – if you’ve piqued their interest. So, how can you do that?

Ideally,  phrase your one-sentence as:

  • an emotional benefit (we help you not worry about identify theft)
  • a power statement (we save businesses 27% on their recurring billing costs)
  • a simple promise (we wax cars in an hour for $30)

Getting your message to a concise statement might feel impossible – since you might offer so much and it’s hard to narrow it down – or you’re not really sure why people might be interested in what you’ve developed. If you need help, try this tip I previously published. Your 1-sentence may also be later repurposed as a tagline, if/when you need one for your marketing.

Don’t forget that your offer needs to match your target audience’s needs. So, you may want to create a number of highly targeted one-sentence phrases based on who you’re taking to.

How to Draw Search Engine Traffic?

What’s the best way to refresh our Web site content to draw search-engine traffic? How often should we post new white papers, new blog entries, new uploads, and the like? Is it true frequent updates attract the engines and increase our rankings?


Jay’s Answer: The first step is having the search engines find your new content. If you have a traditional website, then you’ll have to wait (passively) until the next time the search engines crawl your site. The higher the page rank of your site, the more frequently your site gets crawled. Google’s Webmaster Tools  for example, lets you see your crawler statistics. If you have a blog, when you update your content it generally pings the search engines (using a tool such as: ) to tell them proactively that there’s new content. By pinging the search engines you increase the speed for people to find your new content. You can also post a message/link on other’s blogs telling them about your new content (creating a ping to the search engines), Twitter about it, use Social Bookmarks (such as:, etc. (all to increase the visibility of your information). If you have something truly notable, distribute a press release touting it (the press release itself can be SEO-optimized).

The content that you post should be well-crafted to achieve two goals: improve your search ranking (for the keywords you’re targeting) and achieve your business goals (get more clients, get more inquiries, get more traffic, etc.). Make sure that you don’t focus too much on the keywords and miss out on the human element: compelling copy that will cause prospects to take action NOW.

As for how often you should post content: it depends on newsworthiness of your content. If you have something that answers a problem that’s a “current problem of the day”, then by all means get your content into the discussion. Otherwise, release information that’s “quality” as you create it. You want your content all to be well-focused on your target audience without any distractions. You want to teach your prospects that you value their time.

Titles For 2 Newsletters

I am looking for your help in naming 2 Newsletters that i have been tasked to write. The first one is for our IT Infrastructure Departments. There are about 12 departments all around the world so it needs to be something clever. I was hoping to use the abbreviation GIN somehow as in Global Infrastructure Newsletter.

The second Newsletter i need to come up with a name for is a Customer Service Newsletter. Our company manufactures synthetic diamonds so the client base would be rather large companies and the customer service would be a broad range of service. Both these Newsletters are to be targeted at employee level, not customers.


Jay’s Answer: Why “GIN”? Could you use “GLINT” instead (to connote enthusiasm and gleaming)?

Advertising Slogan for Free Trial?

Want it to sound catchy and hip and cool and inviting. At the same time casual. Most competition would say ” We have free trial call us at ….. ” I want mine different. Our rugs are Handtufted custom made and pricey. We manufacture with only the finest wool, silk, bamboo yarns. We have been collaborating with young designers recently. I hope you can help me make it sound really cool.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Let Us Floor You…
  • Beautify your home with no risk.

The Right Way To Innovate Your Marketing

How to Find Sources of Innovation
(Photo by Hyoin Min)

When planning your new company, product design, or marketing launch you have a lot of options. Some options are easy to rule in (or out). But eventually, if you’re stuck, how do you choose which path is right?

With all things being equal, choose the goal that’s harder to achieve! If you choose the easier goal, you’ll likely find a number of others have chosen it (or will soon choose it). If your goal is to be different or unique, then you’re much better off choosing the seldom-traveled path. It’ll be easier to describe your approach and stand out from the crowd.

But maybe you’re thinking that other, smarter people have considered the harder path, but discarded because they knew something you didn’t. It’s quite possible. But the harder path also scares off (or at least slows down) many others potential competitors.

Do your homework to understand how hard your goal is to achieve, break it down into smaller steps to ensure that each step is potentially doable, and then start innovating!

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

Reducing Overwhelm

Reducing Overwhelm Is Good For Business
(Photo by bark)

Every day we are all inundated with choices. What clothes to wear? Which email to read? Which product to buy? Which client to call? Most people choose to go with their default – whatever they’ve done before they’re likely to do again. So, how can your marketing break through your prospective client’s overwhelm?

Give ’em less to think about.

The more choices you provide in your offerings, the more indecision you create, and the less likely they’ll buy from you.

Instead, make your offerings clearly black-and-white. Simplify the choices. Take extreme positions. Make it seem that it’s obvious what your prospective customer should choose. By reducing choices you make your options simpler to understand and clearly articulated.

The shorter the (mental) distance between where someone is now and where they want to be, the easier it will be for them to choose your path.

Tagline for Healing

 I am looking for tagline for marketing of Healing works to go with company name ReKrish Healing. healing based on sessions of EFT ,Access consciousness, counseling, NLP,Hypnotherapy, Naturopathy etc. ( Main focus to start with is Stress and pain Management for corporates )


Jay’s Answer: Since your proposed business name doesn’t say much about what you offer, your tagline needs to make it clear. In this case, what you offer is less important (for a tagline) than why someone would choose to hire your services. Therefore, consider taglines such as:

  • Improve Employee Effectiveness
  • Natural Stress Reduction
  • No-Stress Employee Wellness