Senior Care Directory Tagline?

We have a senior care directory business where we sell advertising in the directory, as well as sell advertising space in brochure kiosks that are in various retail locations.  In addition, we offer personal consults/referrals for senior care.  The name of the business is Born to Age and we are looking for a tagline that would convey the message that we are a one stop resource for all your senior care needs.  Any ideas for something catchy that would appeal to the senior communities?


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds like you really have two businesses: one that sells advertising to seniors and another that helps seniors find care. While each of these businesses have something to do with seniors, the people who’d pay for your services are different. And different audiences mean different forms of marketing communication. They each have different needs. Therefore, a single tagline that spans both needs is likely not to be ineffective.

Also, you mentioned a desire for your message to convey “one stop resource for all your senior care needs”. This would seem at first blush to be a message only for your senior target audience, and not necessarily something that they’re looking for. Are they looking for convenience, excellence, appropriateness, etc.? These are all very different needs and would have different messages.

Branding And Marketing A Kindergarten

The enrollment rate of the kindergarten has dwindled so badly the centre is in the reds for a while. It is run like a missionary centre trying to serve the poor and underprivileged around the centre’s neighborhood.

Facing the reality of running into the reds, the centre committee has decided they need to re-brand and market the kindergarten. The presence of the centre is almost zero besides small community around the area and some of the alumni’s old girls.

How do we do branding for the centre? What marketing tools should the centre use so as to minimize costs?


Jay’s Answer:  If people don’t know about you, then they can’t find you.
To have those you serve find you, you need to be where they are looking: online, churches, employers, newspapers, etc.
To save money, start by arranging one-on-one meetings with various community leaders in your area to both share your resource with their membership and also to find out how better to reach their members.

Lifetime Value For Mobile Ads

Would love to help to figure out how to model life time value for mobile ad revenue for an app user.


Jay’s Answer:  For your case, it’s likely that your ad revenue is simply: retention time (in days) x ad views/day. To compute ad views/day, you’ll need to gather some statistics of actual use/engagement.

4 Steps To Effective Newsletters

Make Your Newsletters Effective
(Photo by Esparta Palma)

How can you get people to actually read your newsletters?

Step 1: Get past spam filters. With people ever-inundated with emails, it’s harder and harder to get your email to someone’s inbox. There are two hurdles: your content and your IP address. To ensure your newsletter’s content doesn’t look like spam, use some free online tools to validate your email’s content before sending (such as Spam Assassin, Spam Checker, and Lyris). Spam filters also regularly identify certain IP addresses (the computer that’s sending the emails) as being likely spammers (with “low deliverability”). Many newsletter marketing services – often the free ones – suffer from IP address problems, because your wonderful newsletter may be sent from the same IP address as a spammer is using. To spam filters, you’re just like them. For additional fees, you can get a dedicated IP address to avoid any spam filter confusion.

Step 2: A great subject line.  Since you want someone to read the email, you need a subject that’s not spammy and clearly of interest to your audience. A recent trick that improves open rates is to start your subject line with “Re:” to give the sense that your reader has already engaged in a dialogue with your company.

Step 3: Short and sweet. The goal of the newsletter itself is to get them to continue reading to the end. And that requires a deeper understanding of who your audience is and what they’re looking for from you. It should be something quickly read (easily digested) and leave them wanting more. A long newsletter often scares off people. A short email can be quickly scanned immediately. Great newsletters are beautiful to look at as well.

Step 4: Make the newsletter a gift. Don’t confuse a newsletter with a direct sales ad. It’s much more subtle than that – it’s about showing the reader that you understand their needs, so when they have a problem like you’re focusing on – they’ll contact you (or refer a friend to you). You build strength by connecting your newsletters to your website or video library – to keep them “in your world”.

A single newsletter is unlikely to suddenly make your reader sit up and take notice of your offering. Your goal is to get your name into their long-term memory, and that takes repetition and quality. Respect flows both ways.

Layer Your Presentation: Research

Layer Your Talk With Passion
(Photo by Sanctu)

A great presentation is layered with many subtle details. Based on my own speaking style and coaching, I use the following steps to develop a layered passionate speech:

Research the audience. Even if someone tells me what they want me to speak about, it’s important to understand who’s likely to hear your talk and why they’d likely be in your audience. Knowing who I’m talking to will allow me to use the right terminology, examples, and tone.

Research the context. Who else will be speaking that day? What are they speaking about? Whose speech will follow yours? Whose speech will precede yours? Knowing about the context will help you to reiterate concepts from previous speakers and give subsequent speakers adequate opportunities to connect with your speech.

Research the content. When being asked to give a speech, this is the first step most people think about. But you need to find the content that best matches your audience and your context. There’s no use sharing complex material with audiences who aren’t deeply familiar with your topic, nor insulting a learned audience by sharing information that’s too simplistic.

Write the draft. Don’t start writing until you’ve done your research. While you can always change your draft later, the more comfortable you are seeing your new paragraphs on the page, the less likely you’ll want to change them. Don’t get too attached to your words and be willing to throw it all away and start again (remember: when you’re restarting, you’re not back at square one).

Find supporting visuals. No matter how good looking you are or fascinating your speech is, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get your audience’s full attention for the entire length of your speech. That’s especially true these days – when people are bored, they won’t hesitate to pick up their smart phone and see what’s interesting elsewhere in the world. Visuals shouldn’t simply reiterate what you’re saying (the worst: reading the slide from the screen). Visuals should add emotional punch. If your visual is too good, it may upstage you!

Next month I’ll cover how to practice your presentation.

Name My Sisters Party Planning Business

What is a good catchy name for me and my sisters party planning business? My name is Valerie and her name is Michele. We are wanting to start up our own business but need a name that isn’t cheesy! Please help!! We are sisters!!


Jay’s Answer: Unless you and your sister are well-known in your region, your names are irrelevant for your business name. What is important is a name that connects what you offer with your target audience. Who specifically are they? What are they looking for? Why would they choose to hire you both? What makes you special? Why should they entrust their event to you?

A great name (not simply non-cheesy) begins with a deeper understanding of these questions and more.

Need Help Finishing A Name For A Health Studio

 I am opening a small (1600sq.ft.) storefront health studio which will include High Intensity Interval Training classes, TRX classes, Stretching and Pain Relief Classes, Circuit Training Classes for Kids, and Exercise Classes for Teens with High Functioning Autism. I will also be providing massage therapy. I’ve been in business for 8+ years out of a private home studio. Clients are mainly women for training, but would like to include men and children. Massage clients include everyone from 12 to 90. I’ve formed an LLC named VIBE Health and Fitness, LLC, but I am thinking of maybe just keeping VIBE for the studio. I am all about creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle. a have found a way to bring all of the things I do together to blend fitness, stretching, pain relief & bodywork. Thought about VIBE Health Studio, but I’m wondering if it has a feminine connotation. I would also like to get any ideas from you all. My clients are upper middle class and studio is in an upscale area of town. Want to have a healthy feeling to the space.


Jay’s Answer: Vibe Health Studio sounds gender-neutral to me, but I’m likely not in your demographic. If you’re unsure, ask those in your community what the name sounds like to them. Does it sound like a gym? Does it sound like a dance studio? Does it sound young? Female? High-end?

A Name For An Ice Cream Shop

I would like to ask for your help. We came up for an ice cream shop name (cloud 9) .. unfortunately we have found out that it is used for a small home business. We do not want to copy their name The name should be desirable, timeless, and shout convey happiness, joy, and delight.


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Scoop9
  • Sweetness
  • Euphoria

Name For Financial Adviser Client Newsletter

 We are a Financial Advice company dealing mainly with Insurance and need a catchy name for our monthly newsletter. Its simply a name so I don’t have to call it Newsletter 1, newsletter 2 so on and so forth. Our newsletter is centred around relevant content not selling our services, as they are already clients. Its simply to provide content to them that would be of value to them. Hence why I just wondering if people had a more interesting name than ‘Our Newsletter’. Our company SHARE Mangawhai.


Jay’s Answer:

  • SHARE the Wealth
  • SHARE the Wisdom