Building Your B2B Marketing

How To Build Your B2B Marketing(Photo by Andrew Ashton)

If your business is marketing its services to another business (B2B = Business-To-Business), it is vital to know that B2B’s needs are very different from B2C’s (Business-To-Consumer) emotional issues. Do you know the top 6 B2B needs?

  1. Increased Profitability. While obvious, it’s important to remember that businesses exist to make money.
  2. Increased Power. Business want power (influence) over their markets. Business employees seek power within their company.
  3. Decreased Risk. Businesses seek a “sure thing” to minimize wasted resources.
  4. Decreased Hassle. An business opportunity may be a sure thing that’s highly profitable, but the amount of effort to break into that market may be cost prohibitive.
  5. Increased Praise. While praise comes from individuals, it’s a core group individuals that create a target market. That’s why it’s important for a business to both focus on top-down (leadership/management) as well as bottom-up strategies.
  6. Increased Fun. Building a business takes time. The long-term motivation of money and power isn’t generally enough to guide a business owner through short-term problems. That’s why in the midst of all the work, there needs to be a vision for why people choose to come together to do great things.

Be sure that your B2B marketing is conveyed using facts (see: Marketing Foreplay), and touches upon many of a business’ “pain points”.

Interview Your Customers

Interviewing is a Specialized Skill(Photo by studio tdes)

To build your social credibility, you’ll need to interview your customers for testimonials. But how do you do that?

First, consider letting someone other than you do it. As a business owner, you’re naturally passionate about your business and therefore naturally defensive of criticism. Someone not in leadership will likely to better ask questions dispassionately and record responses accurately.

Second, since testimonials generally convey the emotional experience of working together, it’s important to create mini-case studies about the work – not simply “How wonderful was it working with us?“. Get the details:

  • Their demographic information
  • What have they tried?
  • What worked?
  • Why did they come to you?
  • How did they find you?
  • How long have they been with you? What’s worked? What hasn’t?
  • Who would they recommend your programs to? Why? Have they?

Finally, feature these mini-case studies throughout the year in all your marketing. See which case study works best for different types of clients, and continue to fine-tune your social credibility.

Preparing For My Technical Interview?

I’m preparing for interviews this week for a media associate position. I need advice on what technical questions to expect. I’m interviewing for entry level positions. The main responsibilities are day-to-day management of clients’ campaigns and reporting performance of media. I have 1 year of experience with a small full-service agency. I started as a TV media assistant, where we analyzed media performance daily and adjusted our spots weekly. Then I became the assistant print media buyer. This involved more ad trafficking and media research, but only weekly performance reporting. Please let me know what sort of questions might come up in these interviews. Thank you!


Jay’s Answer: Don’t simply wait for their questions. Do your research and ask some of your own. What have they done recently? What are they proud of? What clients have they recently lost? Won? What awards have they won or competed for? What have been the results of their efforts in the past?

Naming My Block Printed Crafts Store

I am going to start online store for my homemade crafts which includes block printed fabric, handmade vases, jewelry, bags and paper crafts. My main focus will be on Block printed fabrics. So I though of name “CHISPA” which means ‘Spark’ in spanish and in urdu/hindi it means ‘Pasting’. As block printing is about pasting wooden block designs on clothes creatively. I need suggestion mainly for tagline and for name as well as I am
still bit confused about it.


Jay’s Answer:  I’m not sure about your proposed business name. If your audience doesn’t understand what the word means, then it’s basically meaningless. And if they do, the name may not be on-target. While you may be (initially) selling block printed fabrics, prospective customers aren’t necessarily looking for block printed – they’re looking something beautiful and/or functional. You’ll want to pick a name (and/or tagline) based on the benefit you offer, not the product you offer.

New Office Opening

We are a small investment firm. Just opened a new office in an area where we are not as well known. We had one large open house primarily for clients in that area. We do not do a lot of print advertising or billboards. Other then the individual brokers gradually networking to build their lists, is there any other ideas to gain greater awareness of a new office in a new area? The branch thinks another open house would work but I am not so certain unless there is a huge draw i.e.athlete and autographs, etc.


Jay’s Answer:  Instead of an open house meet-and-greet, why not offer a series of classes for different audiences: children, new parents, seniors, newlyweds, etc.? Make the classes not about selling, but about truly empowering the attendees to understand more about their finances and future.

Marketing “Bigger is Better”

Bigger Is Better Marketing(Photo by Kevin Dinkel)

Want to impress your clients – or have your clients impress their friends? Think bigger!

Psychologically speaking, bigger things are perceived to be more powerful, and therefore higher in social status.  That’s why many people search for larger homes, larger cars, larger offerings, and larger office spaces. While smaller things can be more intricate, made of higher quality materials, and more personalized to oneself – the smaller things are generally not seen by others.

So, if your goal is to impress others with your good taste, budget, or style – you want to go big. Be sure in your offerings you give the option for a larger impression – to allow people to advertise themselves.

Marketing To Millennials

Marketing To Millennials(Photo by Merlijn Hoek)

What’s so different about marketing to Millennials? Born between 1981 and 1997, these 75 million young adults grew up as digital natives: online-purchasing, instant-messaging, cellphone-using, and social media-immersed. What marketing strategies work best to connect with them?

Visuals. Images matter even more to Millennials than previous generations, since social media posts of images are quicker to “see” (with lots of social media postings, great images stand out).

Stories. It’s not sufficient to describe how well a product looks or a service works. It’s vital to explain how the product or service enhances their life. Use stories to make an emotional connection.

Pre-digital Nostalgia. Modern digital life is fast-paced, and can be exhausting to keep up with. Therefore, Millennials yearn for a “simpler” life, full of quirky handmade goods to showcase uniqueness.

Off-the-beaten path. Because Millennials have a harder time finding meaningful employment, low-budget travel is another avenue to highlight their uniqueness and to expand their connection to the world.

DIY. The extreme way to reject major brands and highlight your uniqueness is to create something yourself. Instead of only showing turnkey solutions, allow your customers to customize your offering to better suit their needs.

By showcasing how you can help Millennials improve their lives, you’ll naturally be part of their lives.

Renaming a African Safari Company

Hi Jay my company is called Kalahari Tours and we are miles from the Kalahari and for obvious reasons I would to change it however the registrar is giving me a tough time as there are many similar names to Chobe tours and Safaris , Chobe Safari Specialists, The Chobe Safari Company, Go to Chobe , Destination Chobe and suggestions would be great.


Jay’s Answer: You’re right – your company’s name is not a good fit for what you offer – and is, in fact, misleading. And the registrar’s right to be concerned that there are lots of safari companies with “Chobe” in their name already. So what can you do?

It depends entirely on who your target audience is and how they find you. If people are looking specifically to visit the Chobe National Park, then having Chobe in your name is likely to be a benefit. If people are interested in visiting Botswana, and also Chobe, then having Chobe may not be as important (you could name yourself based on combining Botswana and the word “Tour” or “Safari”). If people are tourists, looking for an adventure – then pick a name that’s more descriptive of the experience. And if your focus is on discount/affordable, then convey that benefit in your name (be warned – a lower price isn’t a key benefit in the minds of your guests).

SAP Software Implementation Project Plan Name

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software our company is integrating with our current operating systems to improve our business processes and establish a platform for innovation and growth for our Farm, Ranch and Agriculture equipment division. We design, manufacture and market replacement parts and equipment for consumers and professionals. We need to name the integration project plan. Would love some ideas!


Jay’s Answer: 

  • Nurtured Business
  • Seeding Success

Tagline For An Indoor Playground/Coffee Bar

I am opening an indoor playground with a cafe/coffee bar in (rainy) Oregon. I am focusing on parents so to make it a relaxing play environment they will want to come back to with their children and at the same time offering a fun play experience for the children. The name of the business is The Playroom. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Jay’s Answer:

  • Relax! Let you children play!
  • Enjoy The Drip. Kids Fun Zone.