How Can I Market Sensuality Products?

I have recently signed up to do home parties for a new business called Sensuality. It is similar to Fantasia (same concept) with different products. We do same sex parties, couples parties….anything! Fantasia is so well known that it has been very hard to get our name out there. The person who created the business is doing well with her website and also writes a sex ed column for the local paper. But how can I market myself?? I also have a background in the sexual health field…this is something unique that Fantasia doesn’t have…All my friends have already had parties so…word of mouth hasn’t started to work yet. What can I do in the meantime?


If your products are simply different (you didn’t say, “better”, “higher quality”, “USA Made”, “Hypoallergenic”, “guaranteed”, etc.) then you need to focus on your differentiator: your background in sexual health.

Your approach can be: “Instead of simply buying gimmicks, let me teach you a fun and better way to achieve long-lasting intimacy using our products.” The key is teach / intimacy. Your insight is what will draw people in. The products you sell will be the revenue stream.

Offer paid classes in your area. For the price of the class, attendees get a full-priced credit from your catalog (i.e., if your class costs $25, give them $25 towards the purchase of your products). You’re creating additional value, rather than simply having a free class (which is perceived as a non-value).

Your intimacy classes (for women/men/couples) could be offered through your local Yoga studio, Gym, Personal Trainer, Beauty Salon, Nail Care Studio, etc. Basically, places where people who care about their appearance go. If there’s a romantic restaurant in your area, consider co-marketing with them (use their back room during a slow day). Your local hotel/motel that has conference facilities would be a good bet (once you have advance sign ups, to avoid paying a lot out of pocket).

As you do your presentations, start recording them. They can naturally become a revenue stream in their own right.

If you can’t give up $, then co-market:

If you do your presentation in a music store, and hand-pick music selections to go with your products.

…in a wine shop, choose wines based on personalities, positions, etc.

…in a video store, choose movies that are couple-friendly.

…in a gelato store, choose sensuous flavors.

You get the idea.

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