Who Can Help Create A Personal Direct Mail Campaign?

The other day I received a postcard in the mail that was clever. The postcard was personalized with my name front and back. It pointed me to a URL which also included my name: myname.company.net. When I followed the URL the landing page greeted me with my name as well. This was I imagine done with a single technology that generates the postcard and the web site address and populated the page with my name.


The personalized postcard was produced using variable data printing (VDP). A number of companies also package VDP with direct marketing (as you saw). Here are some leads:


One thought on “Who Can Help Create A Personal Direct Mail Campaign?

  1. Hi Jay. Good post. I think you should also include Purlem.com and mindfireinc.com to your list of leads. Purlem a system that I have developed and mindfire is the biggest player in the game today.

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