How Can I Market My Music Venue?

We are a music venue with an approximate 500 person capacity. Our advertising budget is very small. I need to know how to best get people to know bands we have playing and how to get them to come to the shows. We currently send mass emails (I do need help achieving a larger email list – currently only 500 names), we send press releases about the artists playing, we list acts on our website and we run a weekly ad in an alternative newspapers listing the bands. However, even some of the best musicians are playing to an empty room. Any suggestions?


Do you have a website? Does the website have music samples of upcoming bands? If I don’t know the band, why would I want to pay money to hear them…give me a taste. If you have video of the acts, put in online.

If you seats are empty, then you have nothing to lose to give away tickets (short term). Depending on age restrictions, give tickets away to the local high school (perhaps for A students) or even junior high. The school bands. What about non-profits to thank the volunteers? Community College Music Programs?

Have a free drawing each week to give away tickets. The cost of entry? Their email address.

If the bands are in town, have them play a very short set in the local town square during lunchtime or the local bar.

Co-market with the local bar. The local bakery (they sell stuff at intermission).

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