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Recently I was reading The Five Love Languages book and realized that the principles that apply to communicating love between people also apply to conveying the emotion of love in your marketing.

According to author Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 different ways that we each can feel love, and that each person has a preferred way to get the “love message”:


  • Words of affirmation (compliments)
  • Quality time (with you)
  • Receiving gifts
  • Acts of service (doing something for you)
  • Physical touch

If your marketing emotional message involves helping people to feel more loved, then it’s important that your marketing materials speak all five languages to convey love so that your prospects can understand your message deeply.

For example, use phrases like “imagine looking better” (affirmation), “something that shows your love” (gift), “show you care” (acts of service), “spend more doing what you love” (quality time), and “feel your love in your body” (touch). Certain of the languages are easily shown visually, and would complement your marketing copy as well.

If your product or service doesn’t connect with the love emotion, don’t try to force the connection. But if the basic need that people are hoping to fulfill can be (partially) achieve by your offering is love, make sure that you’re speaking your prospective customer’s language.

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