A Snappy Tagline For A Fitness Center?

We are about to open a new Fitness Gym and need a snappy, fun tagline for our marketing.

The fitness centre is based in a large sports centre called Te Rauparaha Arena (try saying that fast three times) and will be called Arena Fitness.

The points of difference that we have over other local gyms is that we have an Aquatic Centre attached, access to which is included in the membership cost. We also have a cafe on site.

We really want to promote that we are friendly, yet expert. We are not a big gym but we have the best and newest equipment in the area. And that we are T shirt friendly as well as welcoming the lycra wearers.

We are based in New Zealand.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Small Gym. Big Muscles.
  • Small Gym. Big Heart.
  • Small Gym. Big Fun.
  • Work Out. Cool Down. Repeat.

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