Business With Passion: Michael McGinnis


Michael McGinnis is an artist and craftsperson who has a wide range of interests. These include making sculpture, drawing with pastel, creating art installations, building furniture, and creative problem solving in general. Working on Superplexus and its derivatives is a lifelong passion. Michael has an MFA in sculpture and teaches at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he is also the Art Gallery Exhibits Specialist. He lives with his wife, Becky, and their two children, in Santa Rosa, CA. The entire family is of the same creative cloth. Michael has 11 siblings and 33 nieces and nephews.


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One thought on “Business With Passion: Michael McGinnis

  1. Well done!! I stumbled across this interview tonight! I enjoyed it very much! I love your toy Perplexus Mike!!!!!! All the models are fun!!!

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