How Can I Get A Sponsor/Investor For My Game?

After 8 years me and my partner finished a new generation of games for the game market. First we report to our main game called Eragra and its first edition. In co-operation with people around the world by paying some or making contracts we almost done the first edition.. Isn’t about just a game but a new whole world mythology which is developing into books, movies, animation and so on. In few months i will move to new york cause we already talk to the appropriate companies and we are in a very good way but to finish it completely i need enough money for the prototype etc. That what i need is a sponsor and right now in fact. Some of our past ideas which we haven’t enough money to “patent” them are already released to the world game market. I need money to finish it and in few moths i can show to all something completely new. We have already done some “commercial” effort through net and thousands of people around the world are interested.


Jay’s Answer:
Is the game a board game or an online/video game?
If it’s a board game, make sure you copyright all the images.

It sounds like you’re looking for investors (if you want to produce the game yourself) or distributors (if you want to license the game to others to sell/market for you).

If you’re looking for investors, you’ll need to create a business plan, showing how much interest is already in your game, your plans for distribution, estimated profitability, etc.

If you’re looking for distributors, you’ll need to first identify distributors that offer similar products to yours and contact them directly. No doubt they have a website with contact information for inventors such as yourself. Additionally, there are game conventions around the world where you can both exhibit and “network” with potential partners.

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