A Tagline For An Interior Designer?

I currently work in commercial interior design, branching out to residential design on my own, home staging and seasonal decor for homes…looking for a great tagline. I’ve seen enchanted homes, every house has a story to tell. I’ve come up with nothing creative.


Jay’s Answer: Taglines should focus on a clear benefit you offer your clients. You’re right – “enchanted homes” and “every house has a story to tell” says nothing about your service.

To find a tagline, you need to identify something special about your service. Something that others can’t do (or as well) as you, and that matters deeply to your prospective clients.

Here are some ideas to play with:

  • Make Your Home A Pleasure To Live In
  • Fall In Love With Your Home Again
  • Love To Live In Your Home?
  • Does Your Home Feel Like Home?

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