A New Packaging Idea For Bath & Body Products

I have a small start-up bath and body company (not yet selling products).  I am in the design and packaging phase of the business plan and I am trying to come up with methods of adding value to my product via the packaging.  The packaging itself is very attractive (I’ve surveyed various women) and my USP (unique selling position) is that I will be creating products using various exotic ingredients.  I was thinking about adding hang-tags to my bottles with interesting facts about health/beauty related issues. (i.e. – When overwhelmed, close your eyes, touch the tips of your thumbs to that of the index fingers and inhale and exhale deeply. The breathing harmonizes blood pressure and concentration while the hand gesture conserves energy.)  I know that you probably need to know a lot more about my company but what do you think of the idea?


Jay’s Answer: It sounds like an idea worth testing with your target market.

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