A Tagline For A Friendly Dentist?

I have a client who is a Dentist and he is the most sincere and ethical guy you could ever hope to have look after your teeth. He wants a website that gives people a lot of information they can use and that will dispel some of the fears and concerns people have of going to the dentist.  He has a small practice for families and doesn’t want to frighten them by getting too big but he does want new customers.

He is conservative and not flashy, sincere and not pushy.

Do you have any suggestions? It needs to sound sincere not cliché.


Jay’s Answer: Here are a few of off-the-top ideas:

  • Protecting Teeth Since 2001 (or whenever they started their practice)
  • The Next Best Thing To The Tooth Fairy
  • The Tooth Fairy’s Best Friend

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