A Tagline For An Event Planning Business

What is a eye-catching tagline for an event planning business? I am stuck on a tagline. My event planning business is targeting cost-conscious customers for all types of events. The name of the company is Aziza Events which means beloved, cherished, precious. Thank you.


Jay’s Answer: My first impression is you have a conflict in value/benefits: event planning & cost-consciousness. If I’m looking to hire an event-planner, I want to have a party, impress, entertain, create memories, etc. I’m not primarily thinking about saving money initially (otherwise, I’d plan the event myself).

If your target market isn’t aware of the meaning behind the word “Aziza”, then it’s just another name to them without the meaning you wish to connote.

You may wish to consider some suggestions I’ve made to another planner:

  • Wow! Never Cost So Little
  • Great Impressions For A Song
  • Impress Without Spending A Fortune
  • Great Memories Don’t Have To Cost A Lot

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