Help Me Write a Marketing Manual!

I am working as a marketing developer in a telecommunication company selling in the Middle-East (mainly handsets, data cards etc). I must  make a marketing manual for my company. I have no idea on what to include or how to do it and organize it. Can you please help me with sites in which i will find effective examples and articles about how to make marketing manual?


Jay’s Answer: I’m not sure exactly what you’ve been asked to produce. A manual for how to market your company’s products? A marketing strategy document? A best-practices guide? Or something else?

Most of these documents are written by experts who’s analyzed your company’s skills/niches and developed systems for achieving them. Also, many of these documents are ignored by the company that wants them – more rules and things “to do”, but without any clear benefit to those in the company.

So, before you embark in writing a document, find out exactly who will use the document in the company (and why). Then talk to these people – what information do they need to solve their problems. That will ensure the document is useful. Then talk to the people who asked you to write the manual – what are their expectations? How will they judge the manual? Knowing this will ensure the format of material is to expectation. Then your homework is filling in the middle – and that’s done through (online) research.

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