Name My Merchandise Website

I am looking for help on a catchy name for a web site that would sell a wide variety of merchandise. thank you


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re selling a wide variety of merchandise to a wide variety of people, and you want to attract all these people to your collection – you’ve got a big problem. You can pick a name that’s “catchy” but doesn’t mean anything to anyone, so you’ll have to spend time & money describing what it is you sell (and to whom). Or, you can pick a descriptive name that reflects what you sell, but unless you narrow things down, by hoping to sell “everything to everyone” you’re likely to sell “nothing to no one”.

First, focus on who exactly you’re trying to sell to. How old are they? Where are they located? Gender? Spending habits? Where else they shop.

Next, focus on what they’re likely to want to by from YOU that they can’t find elsewhere (or can’t find as easily).

Finally, once you better have a grip on this, you can focus on a name / tagline / website. Otherwise, you’re likely to spend a lot of time & money and be very disappointed.

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