Slogan For A New Custom Designed Venue

Looking for a slogan for a new, custom designed portable event venue. Something really different and one in a range of such venues. This version is a combination of other types and should reference this. It is also faster to construct. This is a curved roof structure made of tensile steel with a PVC covering. It is fully configurable in shape by adding “bays” along the length to turn it from a circular venue to a cigar-shaped structure’
Clients in Africa for rental, clients worldwide for sale. This is a slick and stylish venue, very safe (compared to marquee), aircon, automatic doors etc, put it down anywhere you want to have the event, conference, awards ceremony, storage space, you name it. Pax up to 2000..high end product. Its a known product but this new combination version is smaller, faster and more affordable.


Jay’s Answer:

  • Wherever Your Meeting – We’re There
  • Expecting 2000? We’re Ready.
  • Meet Anywhere For Less


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