I Want To Start A New Business – But What?

I am looking for a business for myself.  I have been told to get into business for myself many years ago and always worked for someone else!  I have been unemployed now for 9 long months and need an income.  Sorry about being drawn out!  The things I like beauty, making people feel special, and travel. all combined into one!  I also love feet and had a great idea and found out that was already taken!


Jay’s Answer:   You’re halfway there – identifying some things that you like to do. The next step is to figure out what people will pay you to do that involves your passions. Maybe you can be a tour guide to pampering locations, or teach people the tricks of looking good while traveling, or being an aesthetician. The trick is balancing your loves with other’s needs. Ideally, find a need that people are asking for but haven’t be able to find (look online at discussion groups to see what people are talking about).

Also, any of these ideas may be able to make you successful, the fact is you need to balance the dream with reality – needing an income today. So, perhaps by working for a tour operator, or in a spa, or for cruise line can both help to pay your bills TODAY and to learn more about the business and identify things that people would pay you for.

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