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How Announce Product Consolidation?

Our product series is a year old & is building brand equity. We are consolidating the series from 5 financial products to 3 as a means to better organize them based on how clients use them. Therefore, the product brand is not changing but the individual names are due to this reorganization. Do I move forward with a campaign message that includes the old product names or move towards the revitalize names sans explanation and focus on the benefits of the consolidation? It seems simpler to exclude the mentioning of the old names and focus on the brand & the simplification of the reorganization to focus on the new product names.


Jay’s Answer: Do your clients care about your reorganization? If so, then explain the rationale and educate on the renaming’s strategy. If not, then simply phase in the new name (version “2”), explaining the consolidation from a product/pricing perspective.

How to Leverage Other’s Networks?

I am a mental health author and I am looking for advice on how to find well known people in my field. Once I find these “experts” I would like to tap into their huge network of fans by contributing helpful advice to their fan base through guest blogs, social media posts and article/blog comments.
Do you have any advice on how to find these people and the process itself would be appreciated or know of someone who could help me? If so I would appreciate the help.


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re asking a large favor from people, you need to provide a great reason for them to help you. To start with, why should they trust your advice? What special knowledge do you possess that they would gladly share with their network? If your advice is incorrect, then that may affect their credibility in their network – what promise will you make to shield them from risk? What makes your request especially hard is that the health field is very sensitive to fakery.

To find these people, start by identifying who specifically is reaching the audience you want to connect with, and then offer to write a guest blog article for them. You’ll need to provide samples of your work for them to ensure that the quality meets their criteria.

How To Increase Kindergarten Enrollment

I am a Marketing Executive in children education. I work in the headquarters dealing with kindergartens branding & marketing. We have 32 kindergartens which are
company own,  in the coming year we are looking ahead to venture into franchising.

At the moment my team mate and i are working on the branding, all kindergartens are heading in for a major renovation to achieve a new look. We are also working on the strategies to enroll more students.

We are different from other kindergartens, we are known as the Multiple Intelligence-based Preschools. We teach children using Multiple Intelligence. The founder of Multiple Intelligence was Dr.Howard Gardner from Howard University.

Being different is good but at the moment we have many competitors which may market
their kindergartens as technology base kindergartens and so on.

Due to that I would  need some advice on how to attract parents to our kindergarten. What can we do or say in our marketing strategies that will boost enrollment. Our tagline is Learning, your child’s way. We believe every child is different and it is important for us to discover their approach  towards learning.


Jay’s Answer: As a first step, I’d suggest talking to your existing clients’ parents and finding out why they chose your organization. After all, they could have chosen one of your competitor’s kindergartens, but they didn’t. It may be because of your Multiple Intelligence curriculum, or it may be something else (price, location, safety, etc.). By asking a number of parents, at a number of different schools, you’ll get some initial insights. From these insights you’ll have some clues about your best path to improve your marketing and build your franchise.

Contacting C-Level HR Executives

We are an investment company offering a free seminar to publicly traded company employees who may receive stock options as compensation. The seminar or lunch and learn would showcase our ability to help explain options to their employees who receive them. We obviously want to start at the Director of Human Resources level. How best to reach these Directors? A professional letter and follow up phone call?


Jay’s Answer: It’s vital to understand why the HR staff would allow you to sell to their employees. Once you figure that out, then a letter + phone call is a great approach to start with. Or, if there’s a organization for local HR professionals, perhaps you can present your offer to them group of them?

Building Your B2B Marketing

How To Build Your B2B Marketing(Photo by Andrew Ashton)

If your business is marketing its services to another business (B2B = Business-To-Business), it is vital to know that B2B’s needs are very different from B2C’s (Business-To-Consumer) emotional issues. Do you know the top 6 B2B needs?

  1. Increased Profitability. While obvious, it’s important to remember that businesses exist to make money.
  2. Increased Power. Business want power (influence) over their markets. Business employees seek power within their company.
  3. Decreased Risk. Businesses seek a “sure thing” to minimize wasted resources.
  4. Decreased Hassle. An business opportunity may be a sure thing that’s highly profitable, but the amount of effort to break into that market may be cost prohibitive.
  5. Increased Praise. While praise comes from individuals, it’s a core group individuals that create a target market. That’s why it’s important for a business to both focus on top-down (leadership/management) as well as bottom-up strategies.
  6. Increased Fun. Building a business takes time. The long-term motivation of money and power isn’t generally enough to guide a business owner through short-term problems. That’s why in the midst of all the work, there needs to be a vision for why people choose to come together to do great things.

Be sure that your B2B marketing is conveyed using facts (see: Marketing Foreplay), and touches upon many of a business’ “pain points”.

New Office Opening

We are a small investment firm. Just opened a new office in an area where we are not as well known. We had one large open house primarily for clients in that area. We do not do a lot of print advertising or billboards. Other then the individual brokers gradually networking to build their lists, is there any other ideas to gain greater awareness of a new office in a new area? The branch thinks another open house would work but I am not so certain unless there is a huge draw i.e.athlete and autographs, etc.


Jay’s Answer:  Instead of an open house meet-and-greet, why not offer a series of classes for different audiences: children, new parents, seniors, newlyweds, etc.? Make the classes not about selling, but about truly empowering the attendees to understand more about their finances and future.

When To Do a PR Release?

I typically do a PR releases of different articles.  I also send an email with the focus being that same article as in the PR release, however, just have an overview & a link. My
question: Is it better to do the PR release before or after the email blast?  Or
does it not matter?  Which is more effective?


Jay’s Answer: In general, I suggest measuring the results of your actions to see what works best specifically for you.

As for “What’s more effective?” – it matters what you’re measuring. If your press releases are getting picked up by editors, then you’re doing much better than average. Editors are inundated for requests for free coverage of their product/service/event and in most cases, is poorly targeted to their readership. So if your goal is getting press coverage, you’re likely to have better results by developing relationships with editors, and targeting press releases to their readers. But if your goal is to get more SEO juice, then it’s likely not to matter which you do first. Also, if your goal is to get people to open your emails, split test your subject, copy, formatting, and timing to see what produces the highest number of opens (and even better, inquiries & clickthrus).

How Get More Bridal Store Customers?

Opening another location for my wedding flowers and decor business on top of a bridal store. What are some creative ways to get brides and promote the new location?


Jay’s Answer: Depending on the new location, you could do some guerrilla marketing activities such as:

  • A bridal parade (from one location to the other).
  • A free wedding (at your new location) for a lucky bride
  • Bridal-themed parties (you don’t have to be a bride to attend)

These activities are good for getting some attention, but ultimately you’ll want a longer-term marketing strategy to identify potential clients, build awareness, and articulate your store’s unique qualities.

How To Get More Travel Clients?

We are into a small business or I would say have begun a business of travel and Overseas education Consultancy along with IELTS Coaching classes. For IELTS we keep getting 1 or 2 students a month. My question is, What can be the best way to bring perspective clients or candidates to our office looking for Study Visa or overseas education. Although we keep getting phone calls for the same, but most of the time either they are fake calls or the clients do not show up after getting all the information. Don’t understand why.


Jay’s Answer:  It sounds very frustrating. My guess is you haven’t sufficiently pre-qualified your prospective clients. People will show up if it’s clear they are the right people and it’s worth their time. Your job is to identify the right people and convince them of the value of talking with you.

To start with, I’d suggest putting more information about your services online (your “Top 10 Questions” for example). Next, for those interested in talking further, they should provide you with some answers (that are easy to validate) to key questions: contact information & why they want your help. Then, conduct an over-the-phone interview, ensuring that they’ve read through your online information first, they understand what you do, and you understand the value to them.

2015: Philanthropy as Marketing

Be Generous With Your Business
(Photo by Salzburg Global Seminar)

When people want help with their marketing, they’re generally thinking about the usual tangibles: websites, flyers, naming, advertisements, strategy, and special offers. But how can you truly make yourself get noticed for all the right reasons?

Instead of trying to convince people with words & images – “walk your talk”. Give of your most valuable commodity: your time and energy to those in need. While you may be able to generate some “good will” short-term PR for these efforts (a photo opportunity or a mention in a local newspaper human interest story), I’m suggesting something much more long-term. An intentional system where you build a natural groundswell with people you meet face-to-face and help. Consider that some businesses invest their entire marketing budget on community involvement efforts (school donations, local homeless shelter support, in-kind donations to charities, etc.).

Remember that marketing’s goal is to explain your solution to your audience’s problem and give them a compelling reason to choose you. If you’re known as the organization that’s spreading its message through the community, then you’ve achieved your marketing goal: people choose you because you choose them. Long-term, it’s the right way to build your company to be positioned well.

If you think that this only works for local businesses, consider Foundation‘s 1-1-1 model. They leverage 1% of the company’s product, equity, and time to improve communities around the world. To date, they’ve donated over $68 million in grants, 680,000 volunteer hours, and helped 23,000 nonprofits.

What can you do to help the world this year (and in coming years)?