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Name My Highly Professional Mortgage Company

homeI have been in the mortgage business for 8 years in Hawaii. I have focused mainly on high-end jumbo loans and have become almost too niched. No one thinks of me for conforming or average loans. I am starting my own company. I am looking for a name that exudes professionalism, confidence, knowledge, trust, etc. I want to cover the entire market not just jumbo. We may want to get licensed in other states so the name has to cross state boundaries. I am really looking for something new and fresh. Any help would be appreciated.


Jay’s Answer: Here are a couple of names to play with:

  • The Loan Wizard
  • Mortgage Master


Help Me Launch my Indian Electronics Store

How to launch a electronic retail store in a mall in India?


Jay’s Answer: Since you’re hoping to open a shop in a mall, your target audience are initially the people already visiting the mall. What other electronics stores are in the mall? What are they NOT selling? What are people visiting the mall likely to need/want? If you don’t know, visit the mall and survey the visitors.

Next, focus on WHY they should visit your store, instead of any of your competition’s locations (including online). Will you have a selection of impulse items? Do you carry products that are hard to find? Will you offer amazing service guarantees? Do you have knowledge about the electronics that no one else does? Will you offer complete customization of their purchase?

Finally, focus on HOW to attract people to come to the mall and your store. How can you co-market with other stores in the mall to make it a smart use of people’s time and money?

Help Me Start My Wedding Planning Business

I am currently a student and wanted to start being a wedding planner. I need help. Can u help me by  suggesting the name and the work regarding it. i would be thankful to u


Jay’s Answer:   You don’t start building a business with a name. You start building a business with a plan. Once you have the well-thought out plan, then you can begin to craft your marketing strategy (where you name is one part of it). By starting with a name, you’re assuming you know how to find your customers, what they need, why they should trust you, and how you compare to your competition.  I suggest starting by reviewing this article of mine:

Name My Wedding Planner Business

I need a name 4 my wedding planner business.


Jay’s Answer:   The process for naming your business should start with your marketing strategy.

Who are you targeting (other than “people who want to get married”)? Are these people located in a specific region? A certain age? Men and women? A certain income bracket? A certain religious background?
Why you’re different. Assuming that the people you’re targeting already know they want a wedding planner, how do THEY decide on who to hire. It’s not about (simply) price – it’s about the value, the skills, the contact, and the special knowledge the planner has. What do you offer than others don’t?

For example, you can call yourself “Chicago’s Wedding Planner” (which clearly says you specialize in wedding in Chicago) or “Pagan Wedded Bliss” (for specialty for a type of wedding). The narrower you define your target audience, the easier it will be for them to find you and for you to be seen as the specialist for them.

I Want To Start A New Business – But What?

I am looking for a business for myself.  I have been told to get into business for myself many years ago and always worked for someone else!  I have been unemployed now for 9 long months and need an income.  Sorry about being drawn out!  The things I like beauty, making people feel special, and travel. all combined into one!  I also love feet and had a great idea and found out that was already taken!


Jay’s Answer:   You’re halfway there – identifying some things that you like to do. The next step is to figure out what people will pay you to do that involves your passions. Maybe you can be a tour guide to pampering locations, or teach people the tricks of looking good while traveling, or being an aesthetician. The trick is balancing your loves with other’s needs. Ideally, find a need that people are asking for but haven’t be able to find (look online at discussion groups to see what people are talking about).

Also, any of these ideas may be able to make you successful, the fact is you need to balance the dream with reality – needing an income today. So, perhaps by working for a tour operator, or in a spa, or for cruise line can both help to pay your bills TODAY and to learn more about the business and identify things that people would pay you for.

Starting a Dental Lab in Dubai

I was working as a dental technician now am working a tourism company in Dubai. I really love my past job and now am thinking to start one dental lab, recently I heard about one dental lab is going to close and am trying to take that on lease. I kindly request to send me some advice about marketing and name changing.


Jay’s Answer: Before you take on the lease, can you sit down with the previous lab owner to understand why they are closing their business? What can you learn from their marketing efforts and business expenses?

Next, why change the name of the existing dental lab? The past owner spent time and money establishing the name – why not benefit from it?

Finally,  the key to your marketing is clearly identifying what your lab can do that the other labs in your area can’t or won’t do. It may be the speed of your services, type of services, guarantee of services, etc. How can your lab enrich your client’s lives? Once you understand the message, then you need to figure out how to get the message to them. Can you offer a lunch-and-learn seminar for the dental office managers?

Bringing In More Companies To United Arab Emirates

I have two companies:

1- General contracting and general transportation
2- Business set up in UAE.

Like I arrange a local sponsor and manage all government transactions.  The question how shall i get new companies in UAE ? If any foreign company would like to establish company, factory…or any business in uae how shall i knew them before they start as services is to establish their companies and arrange their visas.


Jay’s Answer: You need to establish yourself (your company) as creating business introductions to UAE. That means making personal introductions to business owners, government organizations, NGOs, etc.  By establishing your value in networking,  you’ve positioned your organization as a UAE “concierge” – making it easier to do business.

Start by taking a look at:,,, and These organizations have positioned themselves for businesses interested in doing business in UAE to connect with. Can you become a trusted vendor with them? Can you model your marketing after them? Can you do something they cannot? Can you target a country or industry that’s not well-served by these organizations? That’s where I’d start.

Name My Wedding/Event Planning Business

I am starting my wedding and event and wedding planning.  I am very creative and have the ability to create high class events and weddings and still keep it on a budget. What name would you think best describes this service?


Jay’s Answer:   You have some conflicts I wanted to point out. People who are looking for wedding planners don’t think about event planners. People looking for event planners, don’t think about wedding planners. To you, both are parties with guests. But you’re dealing with a very different clientele, and they have different needs (wedding = emotion/love, events = celebration/money).

Also, it sounds like you’re targeting people who don’t have a big budget but want to look like they do. That’s fine, but it’ll limit how your profit (how small a budget are you willing to work with?).

Here are some names to consider:

  • Weddings To Treasure
  • Events For a Song (or Weddings For a Song)
  • Thrifty Events (or Thrifty Weddings)


My Cleaning Business Needs a Tagline

 I hope you could help me out with a tagline for my cleaning business.  I want to attract both residential and commercial cleaning, but not able to come up with something suitable, even though I been working for a while on this ( this is what I have so far: “Reliable Cleaning. Affordable Solutions”).  I think the first part is good, but the second one is not sitting well with me, I don’t really like the word solutions, and I think the word affordable makes it sound somewhat cheezy and may send the wrong message.  We do quality cleaning and offer good rates, but lately I noticed that people who want to pay the cheapest, most of the time actually
appreciate us the least, so I want to stay away from that.  What could work good for the second part that would describe good results or satisfaction, or something in that line and go well with the first part.  Thank you so much for your time and help!!!


Jay’s Answer:   The key question you want your tagline to answer is: “Why should I hire you?”. If you’re in the cleaning business, it’s assumed you’re reliable. It’s assumed you’re trustworthy. It’s assumed you have an eye for detail. These are all “givens”. But what makes your business different/special from all the other cleaning businesses in your area? That’s what you want to showcase, otherwise your tagline will be quite generic and therefore won’t help you achieve your marketing goals.

Also – if you have the word “cleaning” in your business name – why repeat it?

So, even though you like “Reliable Cleaning”, I strongly suggest some different approaches to make your business stand out.

How To Start My Pie Delivery Business?

I bake pies and am creating a delivery only business.  I have ADHD (but, I find I am not alone). I can’t seem to “finish” my business plan.  Is this project ongoing or is it me? I would like to sell my pies on  I plan on keeping my job so I meet my business obligations.  I have several people to help with the baking and delivery but I have a problem with being afraid of people ripping me off. Are these all normal concerns?  I have a lot of family and associate support.  Where do I put my foot first?


Jay’s Answer:   Your concerns/fears are normal. Keeping your job going is also a very smart move. So how to proceed?

  1. Make sure you’re using a commercial kitchen. Your local health department has the information you need to understand why it’s necessary (both legally and from a safety perspective).
  2. Form a legal company. You’ll want to either talk to a lawyer or at least do your own research (starting with Nolo Press – The point is that if someone were claim to have gotten sick from your pies, they might sue you. And you don’t want to lose your house because of your pies. The right company structure can help protect you financially. (Note: I’m not a lawyer, and this isn’t legal advice).
  3. You’ll probably need a business license to sell your goods (again depending on where you live). Getting your license to sell your baked goods will also probably necessitate working with your local Health Department to ensure you’re following packaging and food safety regulations.
  4. You’ll want to make it easy for people to pay you for your goods. These days, an easy way to solve in-person payment is a mobile credit card processing machine. People could then pay you either in cash or with an instantly validated credit card.
  5. Since you’re delivering the pies, you’ll probably want additional insurance to protect the pie delivery vehicle and driver. You’re operating a business, and if there’s a problem, your normal auto insurance provider might not be too happy.

The last steps were all to protect you and your business. Now, you need to market your pies to the public. Craiglist is the easy way to sell something, but it might not be the most efficient/effective. How about your local Farmer’s Market? Or, working with your local charity (they take orders for pies, they get payment up-front, you deliver).

All of these steps take time and money. Taking shortcuts might save you time and money short-term, but may cost you dearly long-term.